57357 signs a cooperation protocol to train the new graduates of five Egyptian nursing faculties

57357 signs a cooperation protocol to train the new graduates of five Egyptian nursing faculties

In affirmation of its leadership in nursing training, Hospital 57357 signed cooperation protocols with five nursing faculties to contribute to the development of Egyptian healthcare professionals. The protocols were signed in the attendance of the Executive Director of 57357 group and the Hospital’s general manager, the head of nursing department and her deputy, head of 57357’s nursing training unit and the deans of nursing faculties of the universities of Port Said, Bani Sewaif, Helwan, Damanhour and Almansoura. Five protocols were signed, the sixth one will be signed later with the South Valley University.

The cooperation includes training groups of graduates of the nursing faculties’ where the faculty would elect a group of candidates that would spend their residency year in Hospital 57357. A committee from the Hospital selects 25 students from each faculty to train. The trainees are divided across the Hospital’s departments so they can practice during their training under the supervision of 57357’s nursing trainers and the follow up of their faculties. Each student receives monthly evaluation and after the end of the training period they become ambassadors for Hospital 57357 to transfer their experiences to the hospitals they will work for.

Hospital 57357’s General Manager: we believe that nursing is an essential and integral part of the healthcare service provided to patients

Nursing role in 57357 is different than in any other hospital as we believe that nursing plays an essential role in achieving the provision of high quality healthcare. As such, the Hospital is offering it’s a variety of educational and training programs different than in any other hospital to enhance the nurses’ skills. Through collaborations with international universities, we pursue to acquire latest knowledge to train our nurses on the latest international standards and procedures. It is pleasure to cooperate with Egyptian nursing faculties to develop well trained generations of nurses to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare provision.

It is noteworthy that Hospital 57357 is receiving groups of nurses to train since 2016. The first cohorts were from Suez Canal and Damanhour Universities and the cooperation expanded to include six faculties.

The deans of the nursing faculties’ expressed their delight with the cooperation:

Prof. Dr. Inas Mohammed, dean of nursing faculty, Damanhour University:

I am pleased with the cooperation protocol with 57357 for the fourth consecutive year. Our cooperation was fruitful as our graduates are receiving practical training which reinforces their theoretical knowledge, enhancing their skills. I hope to continue collaborating with 57357 to enable our students to transfer the experiences they gain there to other Hospitals.

Prof. Dr. Amina Alnemr, dean of nursing faculty, Almansoura University:

I would like to thank 57357 for their contributions to the enhancement of the level of healthcare services provided to the society as well as their serious commitment to promoting research and the application of world standards of care. 57357 represents a model that every health institution should adopt. It is pleasure to pursue the cooperation for the third consecutive year where 25 students received training last year while 40 students will receive it this year. We are looking forward for more cooperation with 57357 to transfer their experience to all the medical institutions. Whoever visits 57357 receives positive energy that gives him hope in the future, I am inviting everyone to visit it.

Prof. Dr. Safaa Salah Ismaeil, dean of nursing faculty, Helwan University

It is pleasure to be in a great medical and educational institution such as 57357. We are pursuing our cooperation to train our graduate students. It is a great chance for those students to benefit from the Hospital’s experiences and skills. The hospital is operated by heroes who believe in teamwork and cooperation which encourages us to learn and adopt the latest evidence-based practices.

Dr. Rasha Ibrahim Anani, assistant professor, nursing faculty, Port Saeed University, as representative for the faculty’s dean

We are grateful to 57357’s far-sighted management for signing the cooperation protocols with the different nursing faculties. Their initiative is an important contribution to promote the level of healthcare.

Dr. Senousi Ahmed, dean of nursing faculty, Bani Sewaif University

It is pleasure to cooperate with 57357 for the third consecutive year to train our graduates during the residency year. It was a successful experience as students are gaining skills and competences.