Another trial to discredit 57357’s reputation using a fabricated video

Another trial to discredit 57357’s reputation using a fabricated video

To watch a video for conversation between Amr Adeeb and Dr. Sherif Abuel Naga, executive director of 57357 group go to the following link:

Amr Adeeb: I wonder why do people target 57357?

The problem is that some individuals bought in the story of the video

Dr. Abouel Naga: they aim to deform any wonderful achievement , distracting us by turning us against each other

In a new trial to discredit 57357’s reputation, and to involve people in side issues instead of the real, deforming noble projects and turning people against each other, we were all surprised with the rapid circulation in social media channels of a part of a video showing a woman with a hidden face claiming falsely that Hospital 57357 refused to admit and treat one of the National Cancer Institute, NCI’s patients on the night of the accident.

During a phone conversation with “Al Heqaya”, The Story TV program, presented by Amr Adeeb on MBCMisr TV channel, Dr. Abouel Naga denied the occurrence of the incident and asserted with evidences that the incident was fabricated to discredit the Hospital and create a conflict between Egyptians. He talked about the continuous coordination  between 57357 and the Institute during the night of the accident and the on-going collaboration between the two institutions.

Adeeb: Dr. Abouel Naga, we know that you are currently in the holy land, what is the real story behind the video and the commotion  it stirred on  Facebook?

Dr. Abouel Naga: first, my sincere condolences for the accident’s martyrs, actually I don’t know how this commotion was initiated, we were surprised with a video on Facebook for a woman with a hidden face saying that we refused to admit her son after the accident. In fact the whole incident is faked and the video was not shot in 57357 but in another hospital. The woman made a mistake in the seventh second of the video and said in an incomplete sentence that they were coming from “Dar Elf” hospital.

The video was faked to engage people with another problem. There was actually coordination between Hospital 57357 and the NCI since the first second of the accident and I called Dr. Hatem Abu Alkasem, dean of the institute, 5 or 6 times in 24 hours.

We also have to tell you that the institute’s physicians are also 57357’s physicians, and we coordinate work between us and the institute. For example we received 3350 patients during the last year while the institute received 500 patients and no body can select or categorize patients. On the night th accident,  we received two of the accident’s victims , children for whom we administered the required care according to their treatment protocols then referred them to Hermel Hospital, since our Hospital was very busy and the institute’s plan was to transfer patients to Hermel. The institute’s pediatric oncology department harbors75 beds, 40 of them were transferred to Hermel and 35 remained in the institute. Moreover, the minister of health made coordinated with the minister of high education to transfer patients to Hermel along with their doctors and nurses.

The relationship between 57357 and the institute is strong, and I am inviting you Amr to visit a well managed place, that is the new out-patient clinics of the institute which were established by the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI and Hospital 57357. It costed 35 million pounds six years ago and since then we have been taking care of its maintenance and cleaning.

Adeeb: I wonder why amid all these difficult circumstances, we get back at Hospital 57357?

Dr. Abouel Naga:  targeting 57357 is obvious and intentional, to distract us with side arguments

Adeeb: we will not allow these arguments to distract us from the essential, actually the problem is not the woman who made the video, but the people who bought in the story of the video

Dr. Abouel Naga: unfortunately we follow anything on Facebook

Adeeb: some words are enlightening and  some others are destructive.

Dr. Abouel Naga: some people claim that we refuse to admit some children because of the international classification, what do they mean by international classification! Cancer patients cannot be classified at first glance, for example, a patient who has liver cancer may look like he is in first stage, but after investigation we would discover that the cancer has reached the bones, which means it is in fourth stage. This means we cannot discover the stage of the disease in the beginning accordingly we cannot decide whether to accept the patient or not based on the disease stage. Since the stage is determined within 45 days from the beginning of treatment, i.e. after accepting the patient, we cannot select patients based on the complexity of his condition.