Celebrating 12 years of operation at Hospital 57357: Visits and gifts from the people of Sinai, scouts participation and donations from14 churches and mosques

Celebrating 12 years of operation at Hospital 57357: Visits and gifts from the people of Sinai, scouts participation and donations from14 churches and mosques

Hospital 57357 celebrated its 12th year of operation, the dream that became a reality thanks to the contributions of Egyptians and charitable people from all walks of life. Twelve years of success, excellence and leadership in the provision of high level of medical services have passed , relying on evidence-based practices, research and continuous education. For 12 years the 57357 Institution has been a leader in charity work, serving the society’s needy and underprivileged and contributing to spreading awareness about health protection and cancer causes.

Many kind hearted people participated in the celebration aiming to delight our children. The celebration started by shows presented by 2 teams of scouts from the Shebin Alkanater Archbishopric and the Virgin Mary Church in Maady. They performed the shows in the Hospital’s lobby and the in-patient department. A number of artistic performance teams from different churches namely “friends”, “big heart”, “mini caros”, “heart of Joy”, and “source of happiness”  participated with nice spectacles in the Hospital’s auditorium.

People of benevolence came from Sinai and Upper Egypt to share our children the celebration:

Among the delegations who came to share with our children the joy of the celebration one from Sinai including a group of preparatory and high schools’ students and the Governorate’s military counselor along with a number of Sinai citizens. They visited the children and offered them nice gifts, and provided a generous donation to contribute to our children’s treatment journey. The delegation members praised the world standard  of services provided by the Hospital and highlighted the following: 57357 is fighting to save our children’s lives while we fight in Sinai to protect our home country. We are proud of all the Hospital staff as much as we are of everyone in Sinai, they added. At the end of the visit the military counselor revealed that Sinai people will pursue visits to the Hospital, and mass communication faculty will also be encouraged to visit.

In the same day we welcomed the visit of delegations from the “Savior of the World” cathedral in Samalout, “Bishop Ibram” church in Almenoufeya, the Virgin church in Sharabeya, Virgin Mary Church in Maady, Mar Girgis Church in Alshorouk City, Mar Girgis Church in Heliopolis, Mar Girgis Church in Embaba, Mar Girgis and Alsamerya Church in Shobra and a delegation from Fatema Alzahraa Mosque in Almarg.

Puppet show and singing by 57357’s volunteers for our children:

The volunteers presented a puppet show in the different departments, as well as singing shows by 57357’s singing team that is composed of 57357’s children. They offered gifts and candies to the children and staff. In cooperation with the Hospital’s children they prepared cards where they wrote “thanks to everyone who shared in building the Hospital, and to everyone who shared in realizing children’s dream of cure”. The colorfully decorated cards were handed to everyone in the Hospital.

The nice day gathered kind hearted people to celebrate The Hospital’s 12 years of operation. With your support we will soon celebrate the achievement  of 57357’s expansions that will enable us to help more sick children and to realize their dream of cure.