57357 is happy for its children’s success

    In 57357 nothing is impossible

Monica Rami: in 57357 nothing is impossible

A surgery 6 days before her exam, and succeeding with a score of 91%

I am an ambassador for 57357, I tell my story everywhere and contribute to gaining donations

“I am strong and will never give up” this is Monica’s slogan, by sticking to it she could overcome her illness and pass high school certificate exam with great success

Monica, 18 years, spent half of her age fighting cancer, refusing to let it defeat her. She got her strength from her family at home and her friends, the doctors, nurses and all of her treating team in Hospital 57357.

When God granted her cure, she decided to be the Hospital’s ambassador, she visits children a lot and organizes visits for children and adults and encourages them to donate.

Her journey with cancer started when she was 9 years old. She was a funny talkative and active child who likes to play and laugh. Suddenly she started complaining from headaches, myopia and being unable to run and play. The ophthalmologist was worried and requested an MRI which showed a big tumor in the brain that was pressing on the optic nerve and threatening motion nerves.

The father immediately took her to 57357. Two days after admitting her, Dr. Mohamed Albeltagy performed a surgery to remove a part of the tumor, followed by another surgery to fix a shunt. She was prescribed 42 chemotherapy sessions but she could bear only 15. Dr. Albeltagy decided to perform a third surgery to remove the rest of the tumor after which she was cured, started the follow up stage and returned back to her normal life and routine.

With a big smile, Monica revealed “in 57357 I learned to overcome anything, and to face illness with patience and prayers”. Few months ago, when I got severe abdominal pain and doctors said that I needed another surgery in the urinary tract to treat the shunt’s complications, I wasn’t scared. When the surgery was decided to be 6 days before the exam, my father advised me to postpone the exam, but the Hospital encouraged me to continue and have the exam in the Hospital. Thanks be to God, I succeeded with a score that will enable me to join Mass Communication Faculty and realize what I was dreaming to do.

Monica is a special personality, sociable and able to communicate positive energy to all those who know her. During her illness, she was attached to the Hospital and her treating team, and decided to be 57357’s ambassador.

“I used to organize visits to 57357, and buy balloons for children”, said Monica with a big smile. In Ramadan I visited the Hospital and hanged Ramadan lanterns with the children. I arranged with Mr. Hossam, my teacher at the center, to gather the students of the center and visit the Hospital. We visited the Hospital and donated 10 thousand pounds for the naming opportunity program and put up a plaque in our name, added Monica.

Some places invite me to talk about my experience. Last Ramadan I was invited to a sohour party and talked about 57357 where there were ambassadors and former ministers. I asked them to visit the Hospital, ambassador Yousef Zada responded and we visited it together. Currently I am organizing for other visits.

Monica ended the conversation saying: “when I visit 57357 and see a frightened or a sad child I encourage him and sing for him the 57357’s song that I like: “It will pass, in the meantime consider it a challenge, Stand upright and say nobody can be as brave as me ..”