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57357 launches its State of Art automated pathology lab

    The Children Cancer Hospital 57357 – Egypt is finally operating the fully automated digital pathology lab being the first hospital in Egypt.

“The acquisition of this unique type of technology confirms the hospital’s commitment to excellence and leadership, adapting technology to treat children and reduce their suffering”, said Dr. Habiba El- Fendy, vice pathology lab manager at Children’s cancer hospital Egypt 57357.

The Children Cancer Hospital 57357 – Egypt is finally operating the fully automated digital pathology lab being the first hospital in Egypt to adopt the technology that is regarded as the most scientific advancement worldwide in the history of the pathology field to take place.

The promising era of technological advancement offered through the digitized lab is tackling many challenges of pathology field that were unable to be surmounted through the traditional techniques.” For the first time same-day diagnosis has been made possible through the new technology offered by the full digital pathology lab at CCHE 57357″, shares Dr. Hala Taha, Head of the pathology lab at CCHE 57357, stating one of the numerous benefits that the digital lab brings forth. Within 24 hours, a pathologist can reach an accurate diagnosis instead of 14 days through the traditional ways, consequently, a rapid medical interference can take place. Also, through the whole digital imaging technique, that uses scanners to scan the conventional glass slides and produces digital slides, we reduce the possibility of misidentification and errors as the images of the biopsies are stored digitally. Moreover, with the stored images now the hospital is made able to create a patient’s database, archiving patient’s biopsy information for diagnostic and research purposes.

Digital pathology can help reduce human error as well as producing precise diagnostic results in a short turnaround time.

Increasing the productivity is what makes the digital lab stands out, as it would help pathologists to examine and access the scanned images of the slides remotely on computer working stations and cell phones which contributes to better diagnoses of complicated patient biopsy which needs second opinion expert and multidisciplinary collaboration.

“We aim at revolutionizing the personalized treatment protocol offered for each patient”, explained Dr. Akram Nouh, pathology consultant at CCHE 57357 as the digitized lab has enabled the complementary work with the molecular pathology lab offering a better understanding of the tumor cell biology and helping in personalizing the prescribed treatment protocol suitable for each patient; consequently, obtaining less therapeutic failure and higher survival rates.

The new automation process has extended to include the adoption of a liquid-based cytology machine,  the first fully automated of its kind in Egypt, that provides preservative vials for biopsy collection, and most importantly being the least invasive procedure to the patient.

It is noteworthy that all the newly adopted facilities in addition to the fleet of experienced pathology experts would enable the proliferation of international collaborative research