57357 Youth Researchers Forum Online


The conference aims to connect young Egyptian researchers from all over the world, providing them with a platform to share their valuable experiences with the upcoming generation. It serves as a gathering point for Egyptian researchers who have traveled and worked abroad, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insights. The conference focuses on various aspects, including the researchers’ journey, adaptation, and achievements in their respective fields of interest. Participants will have the opportunity to share their personal stories, challenges, and successes, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and dedication.

  1. Facilitate: Connections: The conference aims to create a networking opportunity for young Egyptian researchers, enabling them to connect with one another and establish valuable professional relationships.
  2. Knowledge Exchange: By sharing their experiences, the researchers will provide valuable insights and knowledge to the upcoming generation. They will discuss their journey, challenges faced, and the strategies they employed to succeed in their fields.
  3. Empowerment: Through the sharing of advice and guidance, the conference seeks to empower and inspire young researchers, assisting them in shaping their careers. The speakers will provide practical tips and lessons learned, helping participants navigate their own paths towards success.
  4. Foster Adaptation: The conference will address the challenges associated with adapting to new environments and cultures. The speakers will share their personal experiences of adjusting to different research settings, providing guidance on how to overcome obstacles and thrive in unfamiliar territories.
  5. Mentorship Opportunities: The conference aims to foster mentorship connections between experienced researchers and aspiring young researchers. It provides a platform for mentorship discussions, allowing participants to seek guidance and support from established professionals in their fields.
  6. Building a Community: The conference serves as a means to build a strong community of Egyptian researchers, strengthening the bonds between them and fostering collaboration and cooperation.
    By focusing on these objectives, the conference aims to inspire, educate, and empower young Egyptian researchers, equipping them with the knowledge and guidance needed to excel in their respective fields and make significant contributions to society.
NameMajorTitleMode of Delivery
Mohamed EmamBioinformatics and evolutionary genomics.PhD student, faculty of Science, Porto University, PortugalOffline
Nouran RezkMicrobiologyPhD student, University College Dublin, IrelandOnline
Adel KhaledAgricultural biotechnologyTA, Heliopolis University, Egyptoffline
Mahmoud BassyouniBioinformatics- Population GeneticsResearch Assistant, Nile University, EgyptOffline
Mohamed Abdel FatahBioinformatics Computational biologistCenter for genomic regulation Barcelona, SpainOnline
Ammar Abdalrahempopulation genetics, pangenome and bioinformaticsPhD Student at the University of Lorraine and INRAE, FranceOnline
Shimaa Roushdyplant molecular biologyTA, school of biotechnology, EgyptOffline
Yousef mohamedBiomedical informaticsTA biomedical informatics at Nile University, EgyptOffline
Dr. Ahmed DisoukyNeurobiologyPhD, UIC University, USAOnline
Dr. Dina El HarouniPrecision medicine in Brain tumors. Harvard Medical School: Dana Farber Cancer InstitutePostdoc research fellow: Precision medicine in Brain tumors (clinical decision intelligence), USAOnline
Mohamed AbdallaCancer BiologyPhD Candidate UIC University, USAOffline
Abdallah IslamPharmacoepidemiology and PharmacoeconomicsPhD candidate at the department of Pharmacy Systems outcomes and Policy at the university of Illinois Chicago Research Affiliate at the Clinical Pharmacy Department at the University of Southern California, USAOnline
Dr.Nourhan HassanMolecular and Cancer BiologyPostdoctoral researcher; Plastic Surgery Department, University Hospital Cologne, GermanyOffline
Mohamed NasrGenetics and Molecular BiologyPhD student University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USAonline
Dr. Yasmin AdelImmunologyPostdoctoral Researche ,Microbiology & Immunology Research Program at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357Offline
Dr. Deena JalalGenomics and EpigenomicsPostdoctoral Researcher, Genomics & Epigenomics Resarch Program at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357Offline
Abdelrahman Atef GamalBioinformaticsBioinformatics Research Associate at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357  Offline
Dr.Mohammed Abdul QuddusMaterials engineering nanotechnologyPhD, Toyohashi University, JapanOffline

Junior and senior university students, graduates and Research assistants from biological or any related backgrounds.
• Biotechnology
• Biology
• Medicine
• Chemistry
• Agriculture
• Biochemistry
• Biomedical Sciences
• Pharmacy


Date: 20- 21, September,2023

Time: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Duration: 2 Days


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