Mission, Vision & Values


Building a Sustainable Foundation to Prevent and Combat Cancer Through Research, Smart Education and Quality Healthcare Provided with Passion and Justice to Alleviate the Suffering of Children with Cancer and Their Families Free of Charge.


To Be the Unique Worldwide Icon of Change Towards a Cancer‐ Free Childhood


  • Love and respect for all the children – we recognize that children are individuals and deserve the same love and respect as we expect for ourselves especially in the face of catastrophic illness.

  • Integrity – Build relationships on trust and respect for each other.

  • Accountability – we are accountable to all stakeholders of the CCHE 57357 community: patients, families, colleagues, donors, public, government and educational agencies.

  • Professionalism – we conduct all communication and interaction with the utmost professional standards and codes of conduct.

  • Teamwork and partnership – collaboration fosters efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Thirst for knowledge – we seek to continually expand knowledge for personal and professional development.

  • Questioning mind – will see what no one else has seen and applies evidence-based principles.

  • Creativity – to be creative in all that we do and appreciate creativity in others.

  • Change – we value change as positive for continuous improvement of the organization and the individual.

  • Diversity – the talents and opinions of all are considered as valuable to the organization’s culture.

  • Social Responsibility – We recognize our responsibility to our local and world community to provide a center of excellence.

  • Passion for excellence – to be the best in all we say and do.