Achievements / Statistics

In 2019:

Number of Brain Tumor Surgeries:

940 Surgical Procedures, with Success rates 73% for malignant cases and 94% for benign.

Number of Home Visits: 595

Number of Bone Marrow Transplant Cases: 38

Number of Lab Tests: 1.446.265

Number of X-rays: 102.176

Number of Follow Up Cases: 16.613

Number of Outpatient Visits: 195.636

Number of Drug Doses: 2.868.100

Average Number of Chemotherapy Doses per Month: 30,500

Number of Surgeries: 6659

Number of Daycare Cases per Day: 400 – 500

Number of Chemotherapy Sessions at the Daycare Unit: 365,169

Number of Newly Admitted Patients: 3273

Number of Radiation Oncology Sessions: 25.484

Upgrading Clinical Pharmacy Setup & Equipment

Upgrading Smart Infusion Pumps

Complete Automation of Laboratory Services

Upgrading Anesthesia Machines

Navigation Device for Brain Tumors