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Pursuing continuous equipment upgrade, Hospital 57357 acquires the latest smart digital scales to measure height and weight February 17, 2020

At Hospital 57357, we started using the smart digital scales and connected it to the Hospital’s informatics system, Cerner.

Using the new scales guaranties safety and accuracy of patients’ measurements which are saved directly on the informatics system without human intervention, which translates itself in determining with precision the chemotherapy dose which depends on the patient’s weight and the body surface area.

In Hospital 57357 we always pursue to apply the world’s latest technologies along with human expertise in order to offer the best medical services.

With the divine sounds of their cello and violin, the Ayoub Sisters captivate 57357’s patients and families

What a fantastic heavenly atmosphere, the one created by the cello and violin of the Ayoub Sisters as they divinely played for Hospital 57357’s children and their families last Wednesday, Feb.12, 2020 at the auditorium. Laura and Sara Ayoub who are of Egyptian origin, were born and raised in Scotland. They form a musical duo specialized in playing cello and violin and accompany world famous singers and music players. Last month they celebrated being announced as an official British musical team.

 Although this is their first visit to the Hospital , the two sisters  were well acquainted with 57357 since they participated back in 2015 in an unprecedented event organized by The Egyptian Association of Scotland in Glasgow titled “Concert for Cancer” for the benefit of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation Egypt 57357. The two sisters were instrumental in making the event a big success as it brought close to 10,000 sterling pounds in favor of 57357.    

After their musical show, the Ayoub Sisters visited the art therapy workshop where they praised the psychology-based methods used with children through artistic activities to help them accept their treatment journey and improve their morale. They commended the world quality of care provided to all children equally. They visited the location of the plaque dedicated to the acknowledgement of the donation they participated in offering under the name of Egyptians in Scotland.

The guests expressed their impression about the visit saying: “it was delightful to play music for the children and their families, and to have them singing with us. We are proud of the Hospital and we will come back to be with the children and their families”.

Our gratitude to all expatriate Egyptians who, near or far, hold Egypt and its children with cancer in their hearts!

tanta visit 1 February 12, 2020
57357 welcomes Father Theodore accompanied by a delegation from the Egyptian community in Austria

Hospital 57357 welcomed Father Theodore from Austria accompanied by a large delegation of youth of the Egyptian community there on their first visit to the Hospital. The guests were guided on a tour of the facility by the representative of 57357’s religious communities outreach department. They visited the day care, clinical pharmacy and the research departments, and offered children nice gifts.

Father Theodore expressed his delight by the visit saying: I am proud of visiting such a world standard Hospital and the smile I saw on children’s faces despite their illness drew my attention. I was also impressed by the discipline and dedication of all staff of nurses and doctor who provide quality care with compassion, by their latest technology equipment and by their involvement in research. He promised to organize a visit for Austria’s bishop eventually.

Barbara, a young girl from the group of youth shared the following: this Hospital is a source of pride for every Egyptian. I visited the Hospital once before as one of my relatives was receiving treatment there. Although she lost her battle against cancer, her family and I know that she was receiving the best of care. I believe that this place deserves our donations and support and we have to stand by Egypt’s children with cancer, may God grant them recovery, she added.

At the end of the visit, the youth of the delegation offered a generous donations besides a naming opportunity fund in the name of Austria’s Coptic church. Our gratitude for father Theodore and his companions and we are looking forward to welcome you with Austria’s bishop.

In concurrence with the visit of the youth of the Egyptian community in Austria, the Hospital welcomed 8 visits from different churches in Cairo and Elmenya (St. Mina and Abu Seifain Church in Shobra Alkheima, Virgin Mary Church in Shabanga, Angel Rofaeal Church in Maadi, Angel Michael Church in 6th of October, Virgin Mary and Abu Seifain in Quobaa, Bishop Karakas Chuch in Elmenya). They came with generous donations to contribute to our children’s treatment journey.

In attendance of nursing syndicate president, Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud: Hospital 57357celebrated to honor nursing representatives February 11, 2020

While the World Health Organization, WHO announced 2020 as nursing year, Hospital 57357 held a celebration to honor nursing representatives from different Egyptian hospitals. The celebration was attended by nursing leaders from the Ministry of Health’s hospitals, private hospitals and a delegation from the general nursing syndicate headed by Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud, the syndicate president. The guests were welcomed by the Hospital’s general manager, and Ms. Sahar Mousa, head of 57357’s nursing department and a group of the Hospital’s nurses.

The celebration aimed to stress the important role of nurses  in enhancing healthcare quality. In her speech, Ms. Mousa welcomed the attendees and demonstrated the important role of nurses in 57357 since its inception and their contribution to offering high quality healthcare through continuous education. About the nursing role in 57357, in Egypt and around the world, two documentaries were presented to show the professional performance of Egyptian nurses.

In her speech, Dr. Mahmoud said that nursing is the back bone of a successful healthcare system. We are about to revolutionize nursing performance in Egypt through an initiative titled “we support nursing in Egypt”, as we recognize its important contribution to the success of healthcare systems We are proud of being nurses in Egypt and we wish for nursing throughout Egypt would be similar to that in 57357, she added. At the end, Dr. Mahmoud read the nursing oath while attending nurses repeated it after her.

In his speech, the Hospital’s general manager, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga shared that nursing is the base of healthcare. To boost nursing skills through education, in 2020 we will offer the MAGNET certificate program, which is the highest certificate in nursing quality from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, ANCC, said Dr. Abouel Naga. I like to say to 57357 nursing team that your humanity is the base of your success, he added.

At the end of the celebration and in recognition of their outstanding efforts, Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud was honored along with 112 nurses from 57357 Cairo and Tanta branches and other Hospitals in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that 57357’s continuous nursing education unit obtained the ANCC certificate, which is valid for four years, 2016 to 2020. Currently the nursing department is working to obtain the highest certificate in nursing, the MAGNET, from the ANCC. During the celebration 57357 announced the opening of training courses in 57357 in critical care, and first aid, which would start in March 2020.

In attendance of representatives of the ministries of military production, irrigation, youth and sports and the constitutional court : 57357 honors its charity partners February 9, 2020

In a cheerful celebration titled “charity partners” hospital 57357 honored ministries, organizations and companies supportive of the Hospital since its inception. The guests were welcomed by the fundraising manager and representatives of the companies outreach department

We were privileged  by the attendance of consultant Boulus Fahmi, Vice-President of the Constitutional Court, Major General Mohamed Nour, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Major General Alaa Aldeeb, Deputy Minister of Military Production, Eng. Hesham Saber, Deputy Minister of irrigation, Mr. Haytham Alsheikh, Deputy Governor of Aldakahleya and representatives of Alexandria Containers and Cargo Handling Company, Egypt Railways, Nuclear Energy Organization, Holding Company for Drinking Water, Delta Electricity Company, Kapci Coatings and another 35 companies, organizations and factories.

In her speech, Mrs. Azza Koura, head of fundraising department of 57357 foundation, thanked all the attendees and charity partners for their continuous support for 57357 which contributed to pursuing the Hospital’s mission of providing the best healthcare to our children with cancer for free. She pointed out that the continuous support has been one of the most important factors for the Hospital’s progress and the achievement of an overall survival rate close to the international one. She praised the contributions that resulted in alleviating the burden on patients’ families such as offering them free transportations by the Underground Metro Organization and the National Railways Company.

Through their speeches, the attendees expressed their appreciation for the acknowledgement:

Major General Mohamed Nour, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports: I am proud for being here today, in the Hospital that stands as an example of success of a healthcare provider and a charity organization. The Ministry is always enthusiastic to provide support  and this was previously demonstrated by  its endorsement to the Zayed marathon in favor of 57357.

Major General Alaa Aldeeb, Deputy Minister of Military Production: as a physician I feel proud for cooperating with the great Hospital that does not restrict its services to healthcare provision but expands it to include research and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. I was honored to cooperate with 57357 to transfer its experience in clinical pharmacy to one of the Military Forces Hospitals, and the Ministry is always ready to cooperate with the Hospital in all  health related fields.

Consultant Boulus Fahmi, Vice-President of the Constitutional Court: as an Egyptian I am proud of the great Hospital and its achievements, and I wish recovery for all the children.

Eng. Hesham Saber, Deputy Minister of Irrigation: we were honored to cooperate with 57357 to spread awareness about water pollution and 57357’s awareness campaigns were useful to the Ministry.

MR. Haytham Alsheikh, Deputy Governor of Aldakahleya, conveyed the Governor’s greetings and his continuous support to the Hospital which, according to him, represents a role model for effective and responsive management and strong will.

The Hospital’s children choir presented some songs and handed flowers to the attendees to express gratitude for their support

At the end of the celebration honor certificates and 57357’s trophy were handed to charity partners . The guests toured the Hospital’s sections and visited the clinical pharmacy and the out-patient clinics. They provided generous donations to contribute to our children’s healing journey.

Moscow University acknowledges Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Secretary General of the union of Arab universities, former Minister of education and Chairman of board of trustees of Hospital 57357 with an honorary doctorate February 2, 2020

Moscow University honored Dr. Salama for his contribution to the Arab scientific community throughout his career path that they described as full of achievements.

The university granted the Egyptian scientist a lifetime honorary doctorate for his achievements, giving and services rendered to the scientific community. As appreciation for his efforts he was also granted the honors medal and the university armor.

Dr. Salama expressed his appreciation for this acknowledgement of which he, his family, and his colleagues, presidents of Egyptian and Arab universities were all very proud. He asserted his commitment to exert his best to achieve the goals of the scientific community.

As published in Alwafd newspaper

Visit and charity trust by students of Capital International School to support 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed Mr. Harry Dramp, Headmaster of Capital International School, one of Marasem international group schools, accompanied by a delegation of the school students. The delegation included the student Seif, one of 57357 survivors who is in remission after a brain surgery to remove a tumor followed by chemotherapy. Seif invited his school colleagues to visit the Hospital and support his sick counterparts in 57357.

The visit included a tour in the different Hospital sections and  offering gifts to children on the sixth floor. The students and Mr. Dramp expressed their delight with the visit and their appreciation for the efforts and world level of care provided for free. They also expressed their admiration for the Hospital’s expansion projects that will offer healthcare services to more children. “We are happy that Seif is healed, and when he invited us to visit the Hospital we welcomed the idea and were enthusiastic to come and support the children with our donations”, shared the students. At the end of the visit the school donated a charity trust to contribute to the children’s treatment and to the Hospital’s expansions.

Our gratitude to Seif and to Capital International School for their visit and their support.

A new acquisition by 57357’s labs: nutritional fingerprint/metabolic typing equipment

At Hospital 57357, we pursue to acquire the latest world diagnostic and treatment equipment. In this context, the Hospital recently acquired a device to test nutritional fingerprint/ metabolic typing. According to Eng. Doaa Yehia, it is a small German device from Euroline, used to test food intolerance.

Dr. Sonya Soliman revealed that the new device tests the body reaction to different types of food. The results of this test enable us to identify the types of food that may cause problems as a result of their interaction with the body.

The interaction of the body with the different types of foods varies from one person to the other. Some people may suffer from generating anti bodies when eating certain types of food which may lead to the appearance of health problems that are hard to explain since it appears days or months after eating the food. The new device tests the body reaction to 216 types of foods plus specifying the extent of the reaction. The device analyzes blood specimens to test the ratio of anti-bodies type “IgG” for each type of food separately. This way it specifies the degree of the body’s interaction with food where some foods may cause strong auto immune reactions which may result in symptoms such as headache, stomach ache, dry skin with itching, different skin problems, feeling full after eating, joints pain or migraine.

According to Dr. Soliman, the device is also used to diagnose auto immune diseases that are hard to detect.