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A 57357 research studying neuroblastoma patients with opsolclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome October 2, 2022

Published in: Journal of pediatric hematology oncology Impact factor: 1.8 Opsoclonous myoclonous ataxia syndrome (OMAS) (is the syndrome where antibodies cross brain barrier and react with cerebellum causing behavioral and motor disorder) It is a rare primarily immune-mediated disease in children. The study aims to find out the patterns and outcome of OMAS associated with … Continued

Through painting and coloring, Jana overcomes her fear and fights cancer in 57357 September 29, 2022

“I like 57357 because I can paint and color while taking the chemotherapy dose, and I meet my friends in the art therapy workshop”. With these words Jana expresses her feelings towards Hospital 57357. Jana is 6 years old from Alsharkeya. She was admitted to the Hospital in May 2022 and was diagnosed with leukemia. … Continued

With the slogan “we are all human” the international forum for children with special needs “Afro-Chinese” entertains 57357’s children September 26, 2022

Our gratitude to Mrs. Abdelkader for her continuous support to our children, and to the different teams for presenting their shows to delight our children!

With the slogan “together towards safe medication”, Hospital 57357 celebrates World Patient Safety Day September 20, 2022

At the end of the celebration, acknowledgment certificates were given to the departments of quality control, infection control, labs, nursing, HR, research, medical engineering, and pharmacy.

Signing a cooperation protocol between Hospital 57357 and Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology September 19, 2022

A cooperation protocol was signed between Hospital 57357 and Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology in the latter’s premises, in attendance of Dr. Amr Adly, president of the university and his deputy, and from 57357, Dr. Motaz Alzemity, the medical director of Hospital 57357, the representative of schools and universities outreach department of the … Continued

Despite the passage of time since their graduation from Narmer American College, students’ support for 57357’s children continues

Hospital 57357 welcomed a group of graduates of Narmer American College, accompanied by their previous school teacher to visit 57357’s children to give them moral support and to donate to contribute to their treatment journey. Their Hospital tour included the daycare and the art recreation center where they offered the children nice gifts. In the … Continued

In cooperation with Tulane University, USA, a 57357 study team unravels the reasons behind chemotherapy resistance in papillary thyroid cancer patients

Published in the American Journal of Cancer Research Impact factor: 6.1 It is known that papillary thyroid cancer, PTC, is an aggressive type of cancer with survival rate of 35%. A research team lead by Dr. Sameh Magdeldin, head of 57357’s proteomics and metabolomics unit discovered one of the reasons for drug resistance in case … Continued

First Step Nursery and students of Mustafa Kamel and Alsolb Schools support 57357’s children September 18, 2022

“We wanted today to be a special day as we came to convey a message of love and support to our heroes in 57357 With these words, First Step Nursery staff and children started their visit to their counterparts in 57357. The visit included a tour in the Hospital sections, the offering of nice gifts … Continued

Suez Canal Authority pursues its support to 57357’s children with a generous donation September 13, 2022

Suez Canal Authority offered a generous donation in favor of Hospital 57357’s children to support their treatment journey. This donation is among many throughout  a 10 year giving journey in favor of our sick children. The Hospital is expressing its gratitude to Lieutenant General Usama Rabeea, president of Suez Canal Authority, for his on-going readiness … Continued

120 youth from the Franciscan church visit 57357’s children

The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of youth from the Franciscan church in Egypt and accompanied by father Farid Kamal, the coordinator of Franciscan youth activities in Egypt. The youth came from all of Egypt’s governorates to visit our children and to draw a smile on their faces. The choir of the Franciscan … Continued