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For the fourth year, the Afro-Chinese festival shows delight 57357’s children November 29, 2021

57357’s children enjoyed the fifth edition Afro-Chinese folklore art festival shows, coordinated by Mrs. Sohair Abdel Kader.

Awareness campaigns by 57357 in different schools

Within the scope of work of the school outreach department of the 57357 foundation of communicating with school students to maintain their continuous support for 57357’s children.

Egypt’s churches support 57357’s children with visits and donations

Churches from all across Egypt pursue to support 57357’s children throughout their treatment journey.

Our gratitude to AL-Obour institutes’ students and management for their continuous support to our children in 57357

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of students from Al-Obour institutes including students from the high institute for business and computer science and the high institute for engineering and technology.

In cooperation with Hospital 57357, a scientific forum for the students and graduates of University of Helwan’s Nursing Faculty

Hospital 57357 organized a scientific forum through its continuous education department and on campus of Nursing Faculty, Helwan University.

In a batman’s costume, the bodybuilding champion Mahmood Al Durrah visited 57357’s children November 8, 2021

Mahmoud Aldora, the Canadian Egyptian bodybuilding champion on his first visit to the Hospital where he visited the children in the daycare, chatted with them and took pictures.

Vivian: I am fighting cancer for the second time, and will defeat it, God willing November 3, 2021

Vivian is one of our heroines in 57357 who is now 15 years old. She comes from Suhag and she is fighting bone cancer for the second time.

In the pursuit of quality care: CCHE 57357 acquires the most advanced digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) device for its molecular pathology Lab October 28, 2021

CCHE’s pathology department molecular lab acquires the digital PCR device; 57357 being the first pediatric oncology hospital in Egypt to use this technology.

Malak’s mother: 57357 is a blessing from God; they saved my Malak’s life

She was admitted to 57357 in 2015 where she was diagnosed with leukemia. She spent 3 years on a long treatment journey, bravely facing her illness despite her young age.

Cooperation protocol between Badr University and 57357, to train the University cadres on quality assurance October 25, 2021

Hospital 57357 welcomed Dr. Mustafa Kamal, the president of Badr University and the accompanying delegation to boost cooperation between the two entities.