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Not one but two reasons to be joyful! April 15, 2024

Let us rejoice not only for the Eid, but also for a child’s recovery Let’s continue the giving race we started in Ramadan as there are many children still fighting cancer, and need our support to alleviate their pain and help them return back to their families and normal life. Since the day we started … Continued

Media broadcaster Enji Ali visits 57357’s children April 8, 2024

Media broadcaster Enji Ali visited our children in Hospital 57357, and toured the Hospital’s different sections. She met with our children in the daycare and the art therapy recreation center, played and chatted with them, and offered them nice gifts.  Some of our children became her friends and she promised to visit them again. About … Continued

Media man Ibrahim Fayek visits 57357’s children April 7, 2024

Media man Ibrahim Fayek visited our children in Hospital 57357, and toured the Hospital’s different sections.  Expressing his happiness with the visit, Fayek shares: “Every time I visit 57357 I find positive energy everywhere and in every aspect of the hospital operation:  the cyberknife with the latest radiotherapy technology, the improvement in medical treatment and … Continued

Sadaka donation to 57357’s children perpetuated from grandfather to grandsons

Our charity partners, our donors have been supportive over the years for the sake of our children with cancer. Thanks be to God and to their donations, our children are able to complete their treatment and to realize the dream of cure. The Darwish family started their support to Hospital 57357, twenty years ago when … Continued

Your donation to the Emergency unit contributes to saving lives of children with cancer

My daughter Razan is 10 years old. She already spent a year and a half receiving treatment at 57357. She still has another year and a half to go. My daughter suffers from Leukemia which will necessitate 120 chemo sessions over 3 years. It is a long and difficult treatment journey during which children are … Continued

The artist Sabri Fawaz visits 57357

The artist Sabri Fawaz visits 57357’s children. He toured the Hospital’s different sections and praised the advanced technology used in the clinical pharmacy. He met with the children in the daycare and the art therapy recreation center, engaged in friendly conversations with them and took pictures. expressed his happiness with the visit, Fawaz said; “I … Continued

Donor recognition wall of 57357’s emergency department March 31, 2024

Be part of the emergency department’s donor recognition wall, and share with your name or a name of your choice in the ongoing charity “sadaka garya” to upgrade the emergency department, through our website. The mission of Hospital 57357’s emergency department is to deal with critical emergency cases, who come in a serious condition that … Continued

Doctor Khaled Al Anani visits Hospital 57357

Hospital 57357 welcomed the visit of Dr. Khaled Al Anani, the former minister of tourism, where he toured the Hospital’s sections, accompanied by Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357 Group CEO. The tour included the cyberknife building, the clinical pharmacy, the daycare, the art therapy recreation center, the pathology labs, the research department and the kitchen. … Continued

Your donation to Hospital 57357 increases children’s chances of cure

Malek’s mother: a major brain surgery saved my son, and we started his treatment with radiotherapy sessions. On our way to Hospital 57357 we were terrified, unable to believe that we were heading towards this same Hospital we used to see in ads and for whose patients we used to pray. That day, our son … Continued

Starting Ramadan, give a monthly donation to 57357

Take the chance of the advent of the charity month, Ramadan, and join the monthly donors list of Hospital 57357. Your monthly donation to Hospital 57357 enables a stable and continuous source of fund. It helps speeding up the implementation of our programs, the continuous upgrading of our services, supporting our research studies and enhancing … Continued