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Rowaida, a 57357’s heroine who is fighting bone cancer, is celebrating her birthday and wishes recovery for the New Year November 29, 2022

Rowaida is a 14 year old heroine who is bravely fighting bone cancer. She was admitted to 57357 a year and 5 months ago and was diagnosed with cancer in her right leg’s heel. She went through a surgery to remove the tumor, then she had chemotherapy doses. Currently she has completed her chemotherapy and … Continued

After recovering from brain cancer, Mohamed asks his father to photograph him in Hospital 57357’s recreation center November 27, 2022

Mohamed, 9 years old, in grade 4, is one of Hospital 57357’s heroes. He started his treatment journey six months ago with a surgery to remove the tumor. Thanks be to God, he got better and started to return back to his normal life. He is now in the follow up stage of his treatment. … Continued

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of 6th of October University professors and administrators November 22, 2022

Today, November 20, 2022, Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of 6th of October University that comprised deans of Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences Technology and Nursing and deputy deans of Faculties of Applied Art, Computer Science, Mass Communication and communication Art. The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Wael Eweida, Hospital 57357’s Chief Operating Officer … Continued

The Systems Biology lab in 57357; latest research specialty to shed light on the secrets of cancer cells November 20, 2022

Within the framework of its belief in research as the only way to win the fight against cancer, Hospital 57357 is alert to include the latest research specialties , to maintain its distinction and leadership in offering the highest level of healthcare quality to our children. The Systems Biology lab is the latest scientific specialty … Continued

Signing a cooperation protocol between Hospital 57357 and 6th of October University in the fields of training and research November 17, 2022

Today, November 15, 2022, a cooperation protocol between the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 and 6th of October University was signed at the university’s premises, in attendance of Prof. Dr. Gamal Sami Ali, the University president, the CEO of 57357 Group and the Hospital’s General Manager, 57357 Foundation’s outreach to universities department, 57357 Group CEO Assistant, … Continued

Charity campaign in Frères School of Bab Allouq to support 57357’s children

A large number of students from Frères School of Bab Allouq along with school graduates, parents, teachers and employees shared in the campaign organized by the schools outreach department of the 57357 Foundation to support the Hospital’s children, in the school premises. The students bought handicrafts designed by 57357’s children and volunteers and piggy banks … Continued

The visit of Dr. David Teachy to Hospital 57357 November 16, 2022

Hospital 57357 welcomed the visit of Dr. Davis Teachy, professor of pediatrics,  School of Medicine, Pennsylvania University and Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, and head of clinical research at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute, Pennsylvania University. The visit aims to study cooperation ways between Hospital 57357 and Philadelphia Children’s Hospital in the field of education and training. … Continued

SARS-CoV-2 genome variations and evolution patterns in Egypt: a multicenter study

The research which is performed in cooperation between the genomics unit in Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357’s genomics department, Kasr Al-Aini Hospital, and Egypt Center for Research and Regenerative Medicine (ECCRM) aims to identify SARS-Cov-2 virus variations in Egypt, to contribute to the understanding of the virus and how it spread. In this study, 110 diagnosed … Continued

Cobinamide, a derivative of vitamin B12, is a strong and versatile antioxidant, treating poisoning and myocardial fibrosis

Reactive oxygen species are byproducts of aerobic metabolism with high reactivity which can damage the cell components, it is a source of oxidative stress. Upon diseases or aging, there is protection against reactive oxygen species, however in certain conditions the control is lost, which result in a large quantity of reactive oxygen species that cells … Continued

British Colombia Canadian International School, BCCIS, dedicates the income of Terry Fox annual charity marathon to 57357’s children

For the eighth consecutive year, BCCIS dedicates the income of its annual marathon “hope race” to 57357’s children. The school’s annual marathon was held in celebration of the 42 anniversary of Terry Fox charity marathon which is dedicated to support cancer researches. The marathon was held over 2 days, the first in November 8 in … Continued