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Kareem and Omar are two brothers whose destinies were joined at the crossroads of illness and treatment in 57357 June 6, 2023

Kareem is receiving bone cancer treatment and Omar is receiving lymphoma cancer treatment. Their mother: at the end of 2017, Kareem complained of pain in his leg. By then he was 7 years old. We took him to many doctors, after x-rays and tests we discovered bone cancer. Doctors advised us to go to Hospital … Continued

Two brain surgeries and 31 radiotherapy sessions, and still Ahmed’s treatment journey has not come to an end June 4, 2023

The father: God blessed us with free and best quality treatment, and all the people of our village are praying for Ahmed and 57357’s children My son Ahmed is what I hold most precious to my heart. Ever since his early years he was a quiet and sensible child, and everyone in Albostan village, Albeheira, … Continued

‘To hear about it is different than to see it”, Researcher Raghda Alsaeed: taking care of all tiny details is the secret behind 57357’s success June 1, 2023

I am happy and grateful but regret that it was long before I finally came to visit the Hospital, as hearing about it is different than seeing it. I was impressed by the organisation, cleanliness and professionalism that prevail everywhere.  Smiles on children’s faces and the activities they engage them in to alleviate the burden … Continued

For the 2nd year, Hospital 57357 welcomes the regional director of Yoho project , a star product of world renowned social media Co. MICO

Hospital 57357 welcomed the regional director of Yoho in Egypt, a star product of world renowned social media company MICO Co., on her second visit to the Hospital. The visit falls within MICO’s corporate social responsibility, through which it supports charitable medical facilities, schools, orphanages and affected areas in more than 150 country and region … Continued

Captain Ahmed Hassan and actor Bayoumi Fouad join Royal Real Estate’s delegation for a visit to 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from Royal Real Estate, headed by Eng. Karim Shalan, the company’s CEO, accompanied by Egypt’s captain Ahmed Hassan and the actor Bayoumi Fouad, for a visit to the Hospital to support its children with cancer. The guests were welcomed by Mr. Ahmed Abdul Monem, head of the Hospital’s public relations … Continued

Malak’s mother: Malak has recovered, she returned back to her normal life, and won a national gymnastics championship gold medal May 31, 2023

Malak is 7 years old. She started treatment from leukemia in 2017, when she was a year and a half. The treatment period lasted 3 years. It was a hard period for us, but thanks be to God, Hospital 57357 was a life line for my daughter, and for every child in need, I wonder … Continued

Ayan’s mother: my son is receiving utmost care in 57357, and I started collecting donations from friends to support the other children May 29, 2023

Ayan from Suez, is 4 years old. He started his treatment journey in Hospital 57357 a week ago. “We discovered Ayan’s sickness by chance, when he fell on his head while playing with his relatives”, shared Ayan’s mother. We hurried to the Hospital where he had x-rays on his arm, leg and brain. It was … Continued

Hospital 57357 held a bio-tech education day, in attendance of training representatives of the Faculties of Agriculture and Science May 28, 2023

Within the framework of the Hospital’s pursuit to adopt latest technology in the provision and administration of care to children with cancer, the Hospital’s continuous education and development administration held an educational day aiming to highlight the importance of research and bio technology in this respect; education being one of the main pillars for the … Continued

Gifts and generous donations from students of Egypt Japan University of Science and technology to 57357’s children May 25, 2023

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of students from Egypt Japan University of Science and technology on their first visit to 57357’s children. The visit is within the framework of a cooperation protocol between the university and Hospital 57357 in many fields such as training and mutual visits which enable knowledge exchange between the two parties. … Continued

A visit and a fun event organized by Uber Egypt Co. to entertain 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of Uber Co. employees, who came to hold an entertaining event to bring happiness and joy to our children. The guests were welcomed by Mr. Mohamed Abdullah from the 57357 foundation’s “outreach to companies” department, who accompanied them during their tour in the Hospital’s different sections. Wherever they went, they … Continued