Mohamed, a 57357 patient hero who is fighting leukemia and dreaming of becoming a metro driver November 15, 2020

Mohamed’s father: I came to the Hospital before as a donor, now I recognized the value of donation as it saved Mohamed’s life.

An open day to present the recreation therapy center, RTC, a new art therapy concept and space relocated on the fourth floor November 1, 2020

On the hospital’s fifth floor, the art therapy workshop celebrated its sixth anniversary and its future relocation to the fourth floor as the space it used to occupy is needed for the Hospital’s services.

Marina sells her products in favor of 57357’s children with cancer October 27, 2020

Marina is a student in the faculty of engineering, AUC, and an artist who loves painting. She makes bags and handicrafts, prints her paintings on them and sells them.

Obour Land pursues its charity support by signing a cooperation protocol with AFNCI

Within the framework of its corporate social responsibility and its continuous support to Hospital 57357, Obour Land signed a cooperation protocol with AFNCI.

Another achievement by one of 57357’s professionals: Dr. Sameh Saad receives the State award for excellence in basic sciences October 11, 2020

We have important research work in leukemia and brain tumors, we pursue to better understand the metabolism mechanism of the cancer cell to be able to stop its growth.

57357 celebrates the world pharmacists’ day and signs cooperation protocols with faculties of pharmacy of Colorado University and Future University and the Arab pharmacists union September 30, 2020

Graduation of the first cohort of the resident pharmacist program and applying for the second cohort of pharm D program.

Jasmin is fighting the disease and wishes to become a surgeon in 57357 September 28, 2020

A message from Jasmin’s mother: thank you, because of your donations my daughter receives treatment and will be healed, God willing, keep supporting our children in 57357.

A visit and Sadaka Garia (Naming Opportunity) by the employees of the Egyptian Natural Gas Company, GASCO, in favor of 57357’s children September 15, 2020

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of GASCO employees who did not interrupt their habit of expressing their support to the Hospital during the Corona crisis.

Once again 57357 explores further clinical domains through hosting the clinical innovation fellowship program September 14, 2020

Despite the Covid19 global crisis which has a drastic effect on the international economy, 57357 continues to focus on fulfilling its mission of spreading knowledge and tuning it into action.