57357 News

A year has gone by and Ramadan is already at our doorsteps … April 7, 2021

Thanks to your support, we are more than ever committed to our program and capacity expansion goals to raise cure rates, maximize patients’ outcomes and admit a larger number of children with cancer.

Nadia, the 6 year old 57357 cancer patient who is fighting bravely while waiting for bone marrow transplantation April 6, 2021

Nadia is a lovely 6 year old girl from Zakazik with wide beautiful eyes and a smiley face.

Cooperation protocol between the Canadian International Collage, CIC and Hospital 57357 April 5, 2021

A cooperation protocol was signed between CIC and Hospital 57357, in attendance of the 57357 group CEO & Hospital general manage and Prof Mahmoud Abu Alnasr.

Mohamed celebrates defeating cancer in 57357 April 4, 2021

In 57357, everyday there is a story of a brave fighter who defeats cancer after a long tough battle.

Henkel Egypt for industry and trade allocates its annual donation to 57357 They share in an ongoing sadaka to support our children

Henkel Egypt for industry and trade selects Hospital 57357 as the charity to which it will allocate its annual donation.

For Ramadan, 57357’s children are offered dates from Joud Company

On the occasion of the imminent start of the Holy month of Ramadan, Saudi Company “Joud for dates” offered an in-kind donation to the hospital composed of different top Saudi varieties of dates to meet the needs of our patients and their families and Hospital staff during Ramadan. In coordination with the said company and … Continued

For the fourth time, 57357 Tanta branch obtains the golden certificate from URS EGYPT for applying qualitative food safety management systems March 28, 2021

The nutrition department of Hospital 57357 received the golden certificate for applying food safety and management systems, for the fourth consequent time, from United Registrar System URS EGYPT.

Mother’s day certificates and gifts from Modern School Egypt, MSE’s students and 57357’s volunteers, to celebrate our children’s mothers March 23, 2021

57357’s volunteers along with school students gathered around patients and their mothers in the Hospital.

Schools students share with 57357’s children celebrations of mother’s day March 21, 2021

Mother’s day 57357 certificates were bought by the students as gifts to the children’s mothers.

2020, a year of achievements for 57357 despite the world pandemic Meaningful figures for CCHE performance in 2020

Last year, just as the whole world was facing difficult circumstances because of the Corona pandemic, Hospital 57357 too, was struggling hard to overcome the adverse effects of the crisis, delivering the same quality services to an increasing number of patients  despite a sharp decline of donations. Throughout this period, it succeeded to protect its … Continued