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Alisia Yankon visits 57357’s children and invites everyone to donate in favor of their treatment February 22, 2024

Hospital 57357 welcomed Alisia Yankon on her first visit to the Hospital accompanied by Mr. Ali Othman, the Influencer Co. CEO. It is known that Yankon is very active on social media and is famous for  content that describes Egypt and its culture. She is known to invite her followers to visit Egypt and to … Continued

Hospital 57357 welcomes the vice dean of the College of Pharmacy, British University to discuss potential collaboration

Hospital 57357 welcomed Dr. Abdel Gawad Hashem, Microbiology and immunology professor, and vice dean of the College of Pharmacy, British University, on his first visit to the Hospital. The aim of the visit is to discuss potential collaboration between the Hospital and the college. Dr. Hashem was welcomed by the representative of the continuous education … Continued

On her facebook page , Aisha Ben Ahmed wrote; “Nothing I would say could describe the greatness of Hospital 57357” February 21, 2024

I am inviting everyone to visit 57357 and support the children with cancer. The cyberknife treats cancer with artificial intelligence, fewer sessions, and without surgical intervention. The art therapy recreation center offers psychological support in parallel to chemo, and radiotherapy. The artist Aisha Ahmed is asking people to visit Hospital 57357 and to support its … Continued

Hana is a fighter in 57357, waiting for bone marrow transplantation, dreaming of recovery and wishing to become a dentist February 19, 2024

Our little fighter is 8 years old; she was admitted to 57357 two years ago, and was diagnosed with tumor of the adrenal gland on top of the kidney. She received intensive chemotherapy doses as soon as she was admitted, and before she undergoes the surgery. She had a surgery where a part of the … Continued

After a 3 year treatment journey:

Rodaina’s mother: God granted my daughter recovery, and still many children in hospital 57357 need bone marrow transplantation We were trying to save every piaster to treat our son Ibrahim from atrophy in the brain and muscles. Suddenly we discovered that our young daughter Rodaina is attacked by cancer, her condition was dangerous and her … Continued

Travina Egypt Group pursues the support to 57357 with a generous donation in favor of the cyberknife

Travina Egypt Group Co. pursues its support to 57357 to contribute to the provision of the best  quality care to our children. A delegation from the company, headed by Mr. Magdi George, the company’s general manager visited the Hospital’s different sections to meet our children and delight them with nice gifts. They offered a generous … Continued

The Zahret Albon Albrazily (Brazilian Coffee Flower) Co. visits 57357’s children and donate in favor of their cancer treatment journey

A delegation from the Brazilian Coffee Flower Co., a leading company in manufacturing and distributing coffee, headed by Mr. Amr Hassan Fawzi, the company’s CEO, visited Hospital 57357 to support its children with cancer. The visit was initiated within the framework of the company’s corporate social responsibility They were welcomed by Mr. Islam Ramadan, member … Continued

Hospital 57357’s labs receive the CAP international accreditation from the College of American pathologists February 13, 2024

The labs accreditation committee of the College of American Pathologists, CAP, granted Hospital 57357-Egypt the CAP accreditation. The CAP accreditation was obtained after a chain of long examinations and procedures on site which are part of the accreditation program followed by the CAP. The accreditation covered the following labs at Hospital 57357 Hematology unit Chemistry … Continued

The artist Jory Bakr visits 57357’s children February 8, 2024

Today, Tuesday 6-2-2024, the artist Jory Bakr visited Hospital 57357, to bring support to the sick children during their cancer treatment journey. She stressed that the Hospital’s patients deserve moral and material support, and that she is proud because this healthcare institution is part of Egypt. She wished if she had millions of pounds to … Continued

Hospital 57357 participates in the annual meeting of the Saudi International Pharmaceutical Conference & Workshop SIPHA where it is acknowledged February 5, 2024

Hospital 57357’s delegation participated in the annual meeting of the Saudi International Pharmaceutical Conference & Workshop SIPHA which was held in Riad, Saudi Arabia, during the period from January 22 to 24, 2024. This year the conference presented pharmaceutical research projects, to encourage pharmacists and pharmacy students to expose their innovative work. The conference was held … Continued