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57357 News

Doctor Khaled Al Anani visits Hospital 57357 March 31, 2024

Hospital 57357 welcomed the visit of Dr. Khaled Al Anani, the former minister of tourism, where he toured the Hospital’s sections, accompanied by Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357 Group CEO. The tour included the cyberknife building, the clinical pharmacy, the daycare, the art therapy recreation center, the pathology labs, the research department and the kitchen. … Continued

Your donation to Hospital 57357 increases children’s chances of cure

Malek’s mother: a major brain surgery saved my son, and we started his treatment with radiotherapy sessions. On our way to Hospital 57357 we were terrified, unable to believe that we were heading towards this same Hospital we used to see in ads and for whose patients we used to pray. That day, our son … Continued

Starting Ramadan, give a monthly donation to 57357

Take the chance of the advent of the charity month, Ramadan, and join the monthly donors list of Hospital 57357. Your monthly donation to Hospital 57357 enables a stable and continuous source of fund. It helps speeding up the implementation of our programs, the continuous upgrading of our services, supporting our research studies and enhancing … Continued

Jowirya, a 57357 fighter who defeated illness March 24, 2024

Our fighter, Jowirya from Marsa Matrouh, was admitted to 57357 in March 2020 and was diagnosed with bone cancer. Doctors prescribed 14 chemotherapy doses. She received part of the chemotherapy doses then had a surgery to amputate part of her right leg then she resumed her chemotherapy treatment.  Jowirya completed her treatment journey in 2021, … Continued

Ramadan in Rodaina’s house is different this year March 18, 2024

With your Zakat and Sadaka, many homes of children with cancer will be filled with the joy of Ramadan In Rodina’s house, this year Ramadan looks different. The joy of Ramadan spread to all the household. Three years ago, Rodaina was admitted to Hospital 57357 with cancer on the adrenal gland. Her case was critical, … Continued

A research ethics workshop at Hospital 57357 March 12, 2024

In cooperation with the continuous education administration, the proteomics and metabolomics unit of 57357’s research department organized a workshop about the ethics of research under the title: “responsible research behavior”. The workshop was attended by students and graduates of specialized faculties, a group of the Hospital’s doctors, and Dr. Hani Selim, the coordinator of the … Continued

A 57357 blood drive engaging Ritz-Carlton staff

Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel held a blood donation drive in favor of 57357’s children as the first form of collaboration between the Hotel and the Hospital. The drive was held in the Hotel premises with the participation of a large number of employees in attendance of Ms. Fayza Fahmi from the Hotel’s human resources.  Expressing her … Continued

Tya, a 57357 fighter waiting for BMT with her lanterns

Tya is a 3 year old child with cancer. She was admitted to Hospital 57357 in August 2023 and was diagnosed with cancer on the adrenal gland, above the kidney. Our heroine suffered from severe fever, lost the ability to move and was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Once she was admitted she started … Continued

Ramadan 2024, a charity race and a success journey March 11, 2024

With the beginning of Ramadan, the charity race starts, to enable us to pursue our mission of protecting our children and realizing our dream of a cancer free childhood. As is the custom, while wishing  you a blessed month of Ramadan, we give you an account of all what has been accomplished during the elapsed … Continued

Signing a cooperation protocol between the International Coaching Federation and 57357

A delegation headed by Ms. Shaimaa Tayseer, head of the Federation’s branch in  Egypt   visited  the Hospital to sign a memorandum of understanding between the 2 entities to boost the cooperation initiative. aiming to offer coaching services to the Hospital’s medical team to contribute to their personal and professional development, and establish the coaching culture … Continued