57357 News

A memorandum of understanding between Takeda Pharmaceutical Egypt and 57357 to support Hodgkin lymphoma patients February 7, 2021

Takeda signed a memorandum of understanding with Hospital 57357, as the first cooperation between the Hospital and the charitable organization.

Pretty Zahra defeated cancer: I held on to my dreams persuading myself that going through each chemo session meant achieving a new victory. January 31, 2021

Zahra is actually one of 57357’s flowers, behind her pretty peaceful face there is strong will and determination in overcoming her dreadful disease.

Marriott Hotel Alzamalek pursues its support to 57357’s children and potential cooperation protocol with all Marriott Hotels in Egypt January 25, 2021

Marriott Hotel Alzamalek management and employees have been offering an annual donation in appreciation for the Hospital’s efforts towards children with cancer.

Alarabi establishment donates 10 air purifying devices to Hospital 57357 and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait provides a generous donation

To pursue its charity journey in favor of Hospital 57357, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, ABK provided a generous donation to support 57357’s children treatment journey.

Martyr Demiana Church celebrates Christmas with 57357’s children January 17, 2021

The child Kirolos donates his feast allowance to support our children’s treatment journey Churches make it a point to share our children in 57357 the celebration of different occasions in an attempt to spend quality time with them within a festive and joyful context. The Hospital welcomed Father Abakir along with a delegation from Martyr … Continued

Allianz, Geos for trading, Care for pharmacies management and Al-Abd are welcoming the New Year along with 57357’s children January 5, 2021

The beginning of 2021, many of our charity partners were eager to share our children the celebration of the New Year.

With the support of AFNCI, Hospital 57357 acquired the Mass Spectrometer to test specimens in the proteomics unit January 4, 2021

The proteomics unit will eventually start working with the world latest version of Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer.

Supported by love and care in 57357, I decided to defeat cancer and be a good example for others

I wonder is hope a feeling that creeps in our hearts unconsciously! Or it is the result of happenings that lead to make it real and concrete?

Menna pursues her treatment and has many dreams for her future

One year ago she had a different life and big dreams like any girl in her age, but cancer attacked her and changed her life.

A charity trust to commemorate the student Yousef Fayad December 16, 2020

Fayad is a student in the second grade of physiotherapy faculty and his classmates wanted to honor his memory with this donation for the benefit of 57357’s children.