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For the 5 year old patient David, Karawan 57357’s clown is bringing the Christmas presents instead of Santa December 16, 2019

Ayman Safwat, 57357’s photographer showed me a lovely picture he had taken of patient David together with Karawan, Hospital 57357’s famous clown. I was so captivated by the smile of the six year old boy that I asked Ayman to take me to the art workshop where he was spending some time after having received … Continued

The churches’ youth along with religious men share in 57357’s Christmas and New Year celebrations

With the beginning of the new year and the Christmas celebrations, groups from Egypt’s churches were visiting our children, handing out nice gifts and spending time with them. At 57357, we have been lately welcoming visits from different churches that included a number of prominent religious Christian figures such as priest Makary Younan, pastor of … Continued

Imminent launch of 57357’s fully automated labs: Increased speed and accuracy of performance, increased walk-away time for research Increased potential to serve adult patients and be a source of revenue for the Hospital

All Hospital departments including the department of clinical pathology work in sync towards fulfilling the vision of the 57357 Institution, which is the achievement of a childhood free of cancer. As such, 57357’s laboratories have translated this commitment into the objective of increasing the accuracy and speed of their performance. For that purpose, they sought … Continued

On the occasion of world cancer day (Feb.4): At Hospital 57357, efforts are exerted to spread cancer awareness and disease prevention methods

The Union for International Cancer Control, UICC, marks the world cancer day to raise international awareness of cancer by spreading out protection and early detection methods. Cancer is considered one of the biggest health problems and one of the most important death causes internationally. 40% of cancer cases can be avoided by:- Offering safe unpolluted … Continued

Hospital 57357 celebrates the graduation of the second cohort, the“Mohammed Abu Alenein cohort” of the Joint Commission International, JCI’s quality management and patient safety diploma

In attendance of medicine professors, public and private hospitals’ management, healthcare experts in Egypt, the JCI delegation along with sponsors of the second and first cohorts, Mrs. Somaia Abu Alenein and Mrs. Mona Armanious, Hospital 57357 celebrated the graduation of the second cohort of the JCI diploma that was named after the program’s sponsoring institution, … Continued

On the occasion of international childhood cancer day:

Every year on February 15th world efforts gets united to raise childhood cancer awareness, support  children and their families battling cancer and   the importance  importance of offering up to date treatment to all diseased children in the world The International Childhood Cancer Day campaign is determined to decrease the gap  in survival rates of children … Continued

“Haia, you are stronger than cancer” a love message carried by students of Victory Collage, Alexandria to their colleague, one of 57357’s heroes

A delegation from Victory Collage, Alexandria, visited our children in 57357. The delegation included a group of the school students and a number of students’ parents. During the visit, the students carried love and compassion messages for their colleague Haia who is currently receiving treatment in the Hospital. Among the messages they carried when they … Continued

The ministry of youth and sports announces the start of preparations for the International Cairo Marathon in favor of 57357

In  attendance of Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, minister of youth and sports, Dr. Amr Ezzat, chairman of 57357’s board of trustees, Ibrahim Safwat, founder of Cairo runners and captain Khaled Bibo, former star of Al Ahli team , the details of the Cairo marathon were announced. In his speech, Dr. Sobhi stressed on the importance of … Continued

Interview with ocular oncology consultant Dr. Abdallah Elhusseiny, head of 57357’s ophthalmology department:

In retinoblastoma cancer, awareness and early detection are key to quality survival We had the privilege of chatting with Prof. Dr. Abdallah Elhusseiny, ocular oncology consultant and head of ophthalmology department at Hospital 57357, who despite his busy schedule was keen to share with us his experience in 57357. We found in Dr. Elhusseiny a passionate and committed eye … Continued

Latest developments at Hospital 57357’s radiotherapy department:

Concerning the imminent start of construction of the building which will house the proton therapy; we had to wait until the underground levels of the new out-patient facility are completed.  The Belgian company that produces the proton will take care of the construction of the building starting next February 2019. RTKL,  the U.S. based world … Continued