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Omar a 57357 Tanta patient who defeated cancer and scored 98% in his end of high school exams September 3, 2020

Omar is one of 57357 Tanta branch heroes. He was admitted to the Hospital in 2016 with lymphoma. His treatment journey lasted till February 2017

Our sons in 57357 brought joy to us and their parents, scoring good grades in end of schooling exams while fighting cancer. August 11, 2020

Behind every one of our patients there is a success story, supporters of family and friends who pray for them and a lot of encouragement from 57357.

Best Wishes for the Eid from the 57357 administration July 27, 2020

As Eid El Adha or El Eid El Kebir is at our doorsteps, one is reminded that it is not just about the festivities and rituals associated with it.

In 57357’s blood bank, regular donors and the hospital’s employees are our backbone during crisis. July 20, 2020

Getting ready for crisis proactively is a main part of the bank’s protocol.

Power Chart Oncology adoption, a 57357 recent achievement proving its worth amid the world pandemic July 16, 2020

One of the most important achievements at Hospital 57357 in 2019 is the application of Cerner’s power chart oncology.

The Arab Organization for Industrialization delivers to 57357 4 disinfection gates and a vehicle to move food and medication trollies July 15, 2020

The visit featured the delivery of four disinfection gates to the Hospital in addition to a vehicle equipped to move hot food trollies.

13 years since 57357’s opening and 30 years of struggling July 9, 2020

13 years of continuous labor often crowned with successes , and we will continue with the help of God , of people who believe in the impossible.

Salma, a 57357’s heroin, who is fighting lung and bone cancer and is dreaming of becoming an interior designer June 29, 2020

Behind each of our heroes in 57357 there is a story of a real and tough battle against cancer.

57357 acquires an upgraded drug monitoring equipment enabling 6mp and Busulfan testing in Egypt June 28, 2020

Pharmacy department’s personalized medication management unit just set up in operation a new Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) equipment, the Triple quadruple LC/MS.

A researcher at Hospital 57357 wins the first prize of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, ASCPT’s presidential trainee prizes June 26, 2020

Doctor Marwa Tantawi, a researcher at Hospital 57357’s genome research unit  who is presently carrying out research studies at Florida University, won ASCPT’s presidential trainee prizes first award. The pharmacy faculty of Florida University is the faculty that accounts for most of the winners of this year, and is prominent to score the highest  number … Continued