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Zakareya, a heart-driven 57357 heroe who memorizes Holy Quran, has defeated cancer and wishes to become a famous Quran reciter April 6, 2020

In Hospital 57357, there are many heroes who derive energy to fight cancer and defeat it from your support. Our hero Zakareya is 8 years old and comes from Almahala.

Thanks to your support to 57357, Mohammed who is a kick boxing champion will win the battle against cancer March 29, 2020

The hero of our story is Mohamed, an 8 year old patient from Almahala. Mohamed loves kick boxing and he has been practicing it since he was 4.

Hospital 57357 welcomes the repeated visit of the youth of the Egyptian community school in Canada alongwith with the Head of the Canadian Coptic center

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from the Egyptian community school in Canada along with father Angelious Saad, head of the Canadian Coptic center and father Bishoy in a visit that is not the first one to the Hospital. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Mohamed Aggag, head of ECN Canada, who thanked them for their … Continued

Salwa, a 57357 heroine: Thanks be to God I defeated cancer, and I am saving my allowance to buy a nice gift for my mother on mothers’ day March 22, 2020

Salwa’s mother: 57357 saved my only daughter’s life, this Hospital is a blessing for us and for our children.

Shahd: thanks be to God, I defeated cancer, my gift to my mother is to realize my dream and become a nurse in 57357 March 17, 2020

Shahd, a 57357’s survivor is 13 years old. She pledged her dream to become a nurse in 57357 to her mother who supported her throughout her healing journey.

57357 acquires the latest pulmonary function test equipment enabling the detection of more lung disorders March 10, 2020

Since Hospital 57357 is eager to acquire latest technologies to offer its patients the best diagnostic and treatment tools, it recently obtained the recent version of the Pulmonary Function Tests, PFT to be used in the chest clinic. In a meeting with Dr. Maggie Louis, pulmonology consultant in 57357, she spoke to us about the … Continued

Egypt’s modern pentathlon Team with 57357’s children before the world cup events and the 2020Tokyo Olympic games March 3, 2020

Hospital 57357 welcomed the national modern pentathlon team in their first visit to the Hospital, accompanied by, head of the Egyptian union for modern pentathlon and secretary general of Egypt’s Olympic committee, Eng. Sherif Al-Eryan, the union’s executive director, Hashem Yaseen, , archery coach, Ibrahim Sukar, and shooting coach, Ali Khamis . The guests were … Continued

Ahmed after healing: in the art therapy workshop we encourage each other and forget that we are in a Hospital March 2, 2020

Being supported by family and friends is the biggest encouragement during harsh times. Since day one in 57357, my treating team was my second family who took care of me during the hardest ordeal of my life. My name is Ahmed, I am 17 and my journey with cancer started a year ago. Before my … Continued

Launch of the third cohort of 57357’s resident pharmacist training program

As a leader in the field of clinical pharmacy, Hospital 57357 is pursuing to provide the best clinical pharmacy services for sick children through the resident pharmacist training program. By mid-February 2020, the third cohort of the program formed of 16 pharmacists, started the one –year training. The resident pharmacist program aims to support the … Continued

After tumor removal and 10 chemotherapy doses, Nadeen defeated cancer and returned back to her school and friends February 24, 2020

Today was a beautiful day in Nadeen Usama’s life as well as it was for her family, father, mother, brothers and sister and for her school friends too. As such, her mother was keen to record her joy as she was going back to school after recovering from cancer. Nadeen Usama from Alexandria, is a … Continued