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The ambassador of Kazakhstan to Egypt, HE Mr. Issagaliyev visits 57357 .. Potential cooperation in Healthcare and Training fields December 16, 2019

HE Mr. Arman Issagaliyev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Egypt, visited 57357 for the first time on Thursday, Dec.7, 2017. The ambassador was welcomed by the Hospital’s general manager and executive director of 57357 group, and some members of top management. In his welcoming speech, the Hospital’s general manager thanked our guest for promptly responding and … Continued

A cooperation protocol between 57357 and Bahrain’s ministry of health to collaborate in research and benefit from 57357’s experience in applying quality healthcare standards

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from Bahrain’s ministry of health including Dr. Walid Khalifa Almanea, Hospitals assistant deputy, Bahrain’s ministry of health, Dr. Kholoud Khalifa Alsaad, pediatric hematology consultant and prof. Amal Mohammed Ahmed, head of nursing. The delegation signed a cooperation protocol that included training a number of Bahraini doctors in 57357, transmitting 57357’s … Continued

57357 is the first Hospital in Africa to earn the sixth level HIMSS certificate

In attendance of Mr. John Daniels, Vice President of HIMSS Analyticals, Hospital 57357’s General Manager and Executive Director of the 57357 group, IT department members, and a group of the Hospital’s department Heads and staff, celebrated the acquisition of the sixth level HIMSS certificate. HIMSS is a global organization focused on improving healthcare through information … Continued

For its annual celebration of school students, Hospital 57357 honors 45 of its outstanding high school graduate patients

Students and attendees read Alfateha in favor of the nation’s martyrs, and the martyr Ahmed Mansi of the armed forces Within the framework of its concern for education and the provision of moral support to its patients, Hospital 57357 celebrated 51 of its children with cancer who obtained high school graduating certificates with excellence. The … Continued

Passant is talking again: she gained back her bright and hopeful smile, as she has defeated cancer

Passant’s mother: in 57357, we found angels who did not just treat my daughter and restored her smile, but they also helped me overcome the ordeal and gave me hope in her recovery. In 57357, psychological care is as important as physical care, as it affects the child’s response to treatment. In 57357, our children … Continued

Thanks to CIB bank’s support, Hospital 57357 started operating the latest technology PET/CT scan using MCT flow unlimited

In a new development towards improving the service provided to our children, the Hospital started operating a newer version of the PET/CT equipment with the latest state of the art technology. Hospital 57357 is the first in Egypt to offer this technology. Chatting with Dr. Walid Omar, professor of nuclear medicine and head of 57357’s … Continued

Hospital 57357 celebrates children’s cancer awareness month

The celebration was organized by 57357’s Learning and Development team, and attended by our children, school students and Samia Allouba’s gymnastics team As a Health and Sciences Institution, Hospital 57357 is seeking not only the provision of quality care for children with cancer, but also to spread awareness of cancer causes, aiming to reduce the … Continued

Meet Abdallah, our Volunteer of the Month

Abdallah, one of 57357’s volunteers is a fine example of Egypt’s Youth. He is graduating this year from the Faculty of Agriculture. He spends his leisure time as a volunteer in Hospital 57357 to be of service to the patients and their families. Besides consecrating a certain amount of days on a weekly basis, Abdallah … Continued

This year the Eid is particularly special at 57357 as we celebrate the Hospital’s 10 year anniversary.

Together, we have so much to commemorate and to be thankful for : Our 73% over-all survival rate, our JCI quality accreditation, our effective and optimal management of long waiting lists and overall capacity, our collaboration with the most eminent cancer centers and academic training and research institutions, our constant pursuit of quality in performance … Continued

At 57357, a new exploit expands the list of achievements on the occasion of its 10th anniversary: Breaking world over-all survival rate record in retinoblastoma

At Hospital 57357, we have been able to record an over-all survival rate higher than the global one in retinoblastoma. According to Hospital 57357’s clinical research department, over-all survival rate for intraocular retinoblastoma has reached 97.8%, while recorded world rate is 97%.  As for the cancer type that extends outside the retina, the world rate … Continued