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Ramadan gathers Christians and Muslims to brighten the daily lives of 57357’s children: Entertainment party and Ramadan decoration by Taghmat Almalaeka team December 16, 2019

Ramadan lanterns and naming opportunity donation by Al Azhar preachers Kind hearted Egyptians rally around delighting 57357’s children and contributing to their treatment journey. The Hospital welcomed the visit of Taghmat Almalaeka team from “St Gawargious and St Antonious church” Church in Heliopolis that is not their first as the team is used to coming … Continued

Alzamalek football team stars realize the dream of 57357’s patient Ahmed

Ahmed Hamdi is one of 57357 heroes who is fighting leukemia. Ahmed likes Alzamalek team and wishes he could visit them and attend their training. When the team knew about Ahmed they decided to visit him. The first one who visited him was Ahmed Mansour, member of the board of directors. He gave him a … Continued

“ Al Leila Al Kebira”The Big Night operetta by Elite School students and a donation campaign by Metropolitan in favor of 57357’s children

On the occasion of Ramadan, Hospital 57357 welcomes visits of many of schools students  who desire to join our children in celebrating the holy month. In this context, the Hospital welcomed a delegation from Elite International School who organized an event that included “The Big Night” operetta to entertain our children. They also visited the … Continued

Egypt Cancer Network, ECN, USA supports 57357’s “Open Sesame” training program aiming to improve staff skills and enhance their performance

ECN-USA saves no effort to support 57357’s initiatives for improving healthcare quality through the sponsorship of educational and development programs targeting the enhancement of staff performance. As such, thanks to ECN’s contribution, Hospital 57357 recently launched the Open Sesame training program aiming to improve skills and enhance employee performance. It is noteworthy that 57357’s culture … Continued

Captain Sobhi, the star of Al Ahli club visits the children, and pledges a Sadaka Garia in their favor

The star of Al Ahli club, Captain Ramadan Sobhi visited 57357’s children where he toured the Hospital’s different sections, handing out nice gifts and chatting and taking pictures with the children. The captain’s visit was a dream come true for many of our children. Captain Sobhi expressed how happy he was to communicate with the children … Continued

Launching 57357’s fully automated labs: Increased speed and accuracy of performance, increased walk-away time for research Increased potential to serve adult patients and be a source of revenue for the Hospital

All Hospital departments including the department of clinical pathology work in sync towards fulfilling the vision of the 57357 Institution, which is the achievement of a childhood free of cancer. As such, 57357’s laboratories have translated this commitment into the objective of increasing the accuracy and speed of their performance. For that purpose, they sought … Continued

Marwan: in 57357 they don’t just provide treatment, they educate us on how to face our illness. I recovered and became a volunteer to help children just as the volunteers helped me.

My name is Marwan Ahmed, student in commerce high school. My chronological age is 15 years, but my experience in 57357 taught me much more than what anyone of my age is capable of learning. The Hospital professionals are not just treating us, they are supporting us and teaching us how to face problems and … Continued

Rahma the 5 year old patient from Al Sharkia can resume dreaming to be a dentist

Rahma, a five year old girl from Al Sharkia Governorate, has overcome cancer and is starting the follow-up phase of the treatment thanks to quality care, both physical and psychological,l she receives at the hands of a vigilant and advanced team of professionals. Chatting with her father, he shared the story of his daughter’s ordeal: … Continued

For the 5 year old patient David, Karawan 57357’s clown is bringing the Christmas presents instead of Santa

Ayman Safwat, 57357’s photographer showed me a lovely picture he had taken of patient David together with Karawan, Hospital 57357’s famous clown. I was so captivated by the smile of the six year old boy that I asked Ayman to take me to the art workshop where he was spending some time after having received … Continued

The churches’ youth along with religious men share in 57357’s Christmas and New Year celebrations

With the beginning of the new year and the Christmas celebrations, groups from Egypt’s churches were visiting our children, handing out nice gifts and spending time with them. At 57357, we have been lately welcoming visits from different churches that included a number of prominent religious Christian figures such as priest Makary Younan, pastor of … Continued