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Published in Clinical Orthopedic and Related Research journal, a new 57357 research reveals: A third of bone tumor patients need another surgery within 8 years after changing the knee joint April 27, 2022

The study opens the way to search for solutions to avoid the surgery complications. In a study conducted by Hospital 57357’s orthopedic department, to investigate the ratio of complications after removal of osteosarcoma tumor or Ewing’s sarcoma and fixing an artificial knee joint, it was found that one third of patients get complications in the … Continued

Chat with Dr. Shaymaa Almenyawi, head of Hospital 57357’s quality control department, in Al-Ahram website:

Hospital 57357 obtains the Joint Commission International accreditation, JCI, for the third consecutive time after qualifying for 1200 quality standards. Dr. Almenyawi revealed that 57357 received the JCI accreditation after it was found qualifying for 1200 quality standards. Granting the accreditation by the international committee depends on two parts: the first is concerned with international … Continued

Workouts for our children in 57357 Tanta branch, and donation and gifts from Private Gym Center on the occasion of Ramadan April 26, 2022

To lift up the spirits of our children in Hospital 57357, Tanta branch, Private Gym Center organized a sports event for our patients in coordination with the Branch public relations representative on the occasion of Ramadan. This is the gym’s first visit to our children in Tanta branch. The event featured some simple workouts for … Continued

Visits, “Sadaka Garia” donations, charitable trust and infusion pump from students of 8 schools in Cairo and Alexandria

With the end of the second week of Ramadan, Hospital 57357 welcomed students’ delegations from 8 schools in Cairo and Alexandria.

Expanding Hospital 57357, Tanta branch April 20, 2022

40 new beds and PET/CT device to meet Delta area needs, Upgrading labs and pharmacy, increasing oncology and specialized clinics, and a unit for intermediate care accommodation.

Published in Acta Oncologica Journal, a new research in 57357 reveals a correlation between a gene overexpression and low survival in a type of leukemia April 19, 2022

The research was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alaa Elhadad, Prof Dr. Hefni Hafez, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hamad and Prof. Dr. Dina Yaseen, and was published in Acta Oncologica Journal in January 2022.

Church youth groups support 57357’s children in Ramadan with oshour and sadaka April 13, 2022

Ramadan is a blessed month during which people of benevolence are eager to reach out to the most needy. Hospital 57357 welcomed about 60 visits from church youth groups from different governorates.

Expanding Hospital 57357, Tanta branch: 40 new beds and PET/CT device to meet Delta area needs, Upgrading labs and pharmacy, increasing oncology and specialized clinics and a unit for intermediate care accommodation April 12, 2022

Despite the decline in donations and the increased challenges that we face, our main goal in 57357 is to take good care of our children and to give them the best quality services.

Entertainment party and donations from students of the faculty of Education, Bany Swaif University, in support of 57357’s children

After the party students visited the patients who couldn’t attend the party in the inpatient section, guided by volunteers, and offered them nice gifts.

Major General Mohamed Abu Hemaila, secretary general of the Republican People’s party, along with party leaders and youth visit 57357’s children April 11, 2022

Within the framework of  social engagement, a delegation from the Republican People’s party visited Hospital 57357 to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with the children.