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Cooperation protocol between Careem Company for transportation services and 57357, to offer free rides to the hospital’s patients and workers December 16, 2019

Hanadi from the nursing department: thanks to Careem and their offer which will be of great help us during night shifts, it will save time spent in other transportation channels Hospital 57357 signed a cooperation protocol with Careem Company for transportations through which it will offer free services to our children and hospital staff of … Continued

In attendance of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hussein Almehresawi, president of Al-Azhar University and priest Bolus Sorour, Hospital 57357 celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammed

Dr. Almehresawi: “Celebrating Prophet Mohammed’s anniversary in 57357 is considered a feast for me. My gratitude to the staff of the Hospital for the efforts they exert in taking excellent care of the sick children” Hospital 57357 held a celebration on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohamed, where we were honored by … Continued

Meet Marina, a champ who is bravely fighting cancer at 57357.

Marina: I love Ramadan in 57357, and Roa, a 57357 volunteer, encourages me to be strong to overcome the disease Marina is a pretty 13 years old girl from Asyut governorate. When you enter her in-patient room you feel unprecedented liveliness and cheerfulness in the air. Her words are full of hope and determination to … Continued

Mohammed’s mother: Hospital 57357 is the poor people’s hospital; God blessed us with it to be of support to us and to our children. At 57357, there is no favoritism and no discrimination between rich and poor. They strictly follow the “first come first served” principle

Mohammed’s dream is to become a famous football player after recovery Mohamed, from Fayoum, is diagnosed with brain tumor. In the beginning he suffered from fatigue, fever, headache, among other symptoms. The doctor asked for a CT scan, which detected a brain tumor. The doctor advised the mother to go to Hospital 57357 immediately. Mohammed … Continued

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 receives the Isa Award for service to humanity

During a big celebration at the Isa cultural center in Bahrain, in attendance of many Bahrainis, Arab and international dignities, 57357 received the Isa award for service to humanity. The event was held under the patronage of Bahrain’s monarch, his highness Hamad Ben Isa Al Khalifa, who handed the award to Dr. Amr Salama, 57357’s … Continued

October war heroes are celebrating the anniversary of the 1973 October victory (10th of Ramadan) in Hospital 57357

On the tenth of Ramadan, our children, 57357’s heroes, celebrated the anniversary of the 1973 war victory with the war heroes and a delegation from the 73 Group-Historians. The attendees were headed by Major General Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf, the Nasser Academy advisor, former Commander of the republican guard, and one of the Special Forces heroes … Continued

The minister of high education and research visits 57357 Expected cooperation in the fields of research and training

“What I am seeing here today is a dream that was realized to grant hope in cure to children with cancer and deliver the message that we have a successful prototype that was established by Egyptians and that nothing is impossible to achieve in Egypt. Everyone should be supporting 57357 as it is a one … Continued

Meet Abdallah, our Volunteer of the Month

Abdallah, one of 57357’s volunteers is a fine example of Egypt’s Youth. He is graduating this year from the Faculty of Agriculture. He spends his leisure time as a volunteer in Hospital 57357 to be of service to the patients and their families. Besides consecrating a certain amount of days on a weekly basis, Abdallah … Continued

This year the Eid is particularly special at 57357 as we celebrate the Hospital’s 10 year anniversary.

Together, we have so much to commemorate and to be thankful for : Our 73% over-all survival rate, our JCI quality accreditation, our effective and optimal management of long waiting lists and overall capacity, our collaboration with the most eminent cancer centers and academic training and research institutions, our constant pursuit of quality in performance … Continued

At 57357, a new exploit expands the list of achievements on the occasion of its 10th anniversary: Breaking world over-all survival rate record in retinoblastoma

At Hospital 57357, we have been able to record an over-all survival rate higher than the global one in retinoblastoma. According to Hospital 57357’s clinical research department, over-all survival rate for intraocular retinoblastoma has reached 97.8%, while recorded world rate is 97%.  As for the cancer type that extends outside the retina, the world rate … Continued