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Mr. Louis Dumas, Ambassador of Canada to Egypt, visits Hospital 57357 and delivers a donation of Covid 19 vaccines April 30, 2023

Hospital 57357 welcomed the visit of Mr. Louis Dumas, the ambassador of Canada to Egypt, Mr. Jeffrey Murray, Counsellor and the accompanying delegation, Ms.Nancy Odeh, Head of Cooperation and Ms. Eman Omran, SME Program Team Leader. Our guests were greeted by Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357 Group CEO and the Hospital’s general manager and Dr. … Continued

During these blessed Ramadan nights, a wonderful heavenly aroma, a sign of God’s spirit, fills the air. April 19, 2023

Blessed on Earth and in the End of times is the one who can get a whiff of this Godly aroma. During the Kadr night, which falls within the last ten days of Ramadan, rewards for good deeds equal those of 83 years and 4 months, as God Almighty said :“Kadr night is better than … Continued

Opening the Cyberknife clinic for treating neurology diseases

The Children’s cancer Hospital 57357 announced the opening of the Cyberknife clinic to treat the fifth cranial nerve, migraine, birthmarks, brain arterial venous malformation, epilepsy, motor disorders and Parkinson’s disease. This will be under the supervision of a group of major doctors and consultants in different medical specialties, so the largest number of adult patients … Continued

The story of Basma, the star of Hospital 57357’s ad, and her brain cancer treatment journey

The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 diffused an ad in the media and social communication channels, about the heroine Basma, the brain cancer fighter who overcame her illness in Hospital 57357, after a long tough treatment journey, during which she persisted to defeat her illness with patience and determination. Thanks be to God, Basma won her … Continued

Ambassador Suha Guendy, Minister of Immigration in Hospital 57357 April 18, 2023

57357 offers unique services in the Middle East, and it is armed with the latest equipment that are found in few Hospitals worldwide. We are desirous to enable the Hospital to carry on its mission, and I am happy for having participated in the Egyptian Cancer Network, ECN-USA event Ambassador Suha Guendy, Minister of Immigration … Continued

Visit and generous donation from the Egyptian Union for Judo, Aikido and Sumo, to support 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from the Egyptian Union for Judo, Aikido and Sumo, headed by Major General Tarek Ezz, Vice CEO of the Union, captain marzouk Mohamed, president of the union, captain Ahmed Atef, head of the competition committee and a group of Egyptian Judo players. The guests were welcomed by Mr. Ahmed Abdel … Continued

Hospital 57357 announces its future strategy and vision in a TV ad April 11, 2023

Dr. Moataz Alzemaity, Hospital 57357’s chief medical officer: we are engaged in research and continuous education and development, which contribute to improving the quality of services offered to our children for free. Dr. Mahmoud Hamad, bone marrow transplantation consultant: the BMT process is one of the ways to increase survival rate of high risk and … Continued

We won’t close the door as long as people out there are ready to fight

Hospital 57357’s cartoon ad of “four girls” shows an example of symbiosis that should exist between the society’s different sectors and regions. The ad is in the form of a song that tells about 4 girls representing Egypt’s governorates, each of them has different interests and culture. Despite the differences and the long distances between … Continued

Bone marrow transplantation grants Hamza a new chance at life

Hamza’s family didn’t expect that pain in his legs and repeated bouts of fever would result in a terrible and shocking verdict: a lymphatic tumor of stage 4 threatening Hamza’s life. According to doctors, his case is serious and chemotherapy is not enough as the rate of disease relapse is high. The only hope to … Continued

57357 welcomes consultant Usama Abu Elmagd, head of Automobile Dealers Association April 9, 2023

Hospital 57357 welcomed consultant Usama Abu Elmagd, head of Automobile Dealers Association, and the accompanying delegation on a visit that is not the first to 57357’s children, to support them and congratulate them for the month of Ramadan. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357 group CEO and the Hospital’s general manager … Continued