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Jana’s mother: inside 57357, I am freed from the burden of treatment expenses; I consecrate my time to watch over her
After a 2 year treatment journey, with God’s grace, she recovered and is now in the follow-up phase
September 13, 2023

 When Jana got sick 3 years Nothing is dearer than one’s childago, I took her to all hospitals in Bani Soueif where nobody knew what she suffered from. Her condition worsened day by day: headaches, fainting, body aches. I wished I could take her to the best doctors, but we have very little means. Her father … Continued

Rodaina donated her bone marrow to save her sister

When doctors told me that my 9 year old daughter Rodaina is the only one that can donate bone marrow to her 2 year old sister Mecca, I got really scared and concerned about both of them. I wished I could be the donor to my daughter but it so happened that the perfect 100% … Continued

Hospital 57357 celebrates World patient safety day

For the 5th year in a row, Hospital 57357 celebrated world patient safety day on September 10th which is organized by the Hospital’s quality department. This event falls yearly on Sept. 17th as per the WHO. This year’s event carries the following theme: Engaging patients for patients’ safety. This year, we were honored with the participation of Dr. Naema … Continued

Actors Mohamed Mamdouh and Khaled Kamal along with producer Nouran Noureldeen visit 57357’s children August 27, 2023

Today, Thursday August, 24, the actors Mohamed Mamdouh and Khaled Kamal along with the producer Nouran Noureldeen visited Hospital 57357 to spend some time with the children with cancer and offered them nice gifts that delighted them and drew a smile on their faces. Mamdouh, Kamal and Noueldeen toured the Hospital and visited the clinical … Continued

At Hospital 57357: A Critical brain surgery to save Sofian’s life August 24, 2023

Sofian did not live a normal babyhood; He did not get to play, smile or giggle and be happy like other babies He is one year and a half old and spent half of this time in hospital beds going through disease pain, bitter medication and chemo sessions ordeal Before he turned one year, he … Continued

Visits and generous monetary and in-kind donations from churches to support 57357’s children

Throughout July and August 2023, Hospital 57357 welcomed a number of visits from churches inside and outside Cairo, which reflect the continuous support our children receive from religious institutions. Their visits are far from being ordinary as their youth and priests exert maximum effort to extend all forms of moral support including spending quality time … Continued

A generous donation from Travina Egypt Co. to support Hospital 57357’s cyberknife

Under the slogan “your laugh means the world to us” and within its corporate social responsibility, Travina Egypt Group offered a generous donation to support the Hospital’s cyberknife. The donation was presented during the visit of Mr. George Magdi, the company’s General Manager, accompanied by a group of the company’s employees. They toured the Hospital’s … Continued

The kingdom of Bahrain pursues their support to Hospital 57357 with the visit of their ambassador to Egypt. August 20, 2023

Bahraini Ambassador: In 57357, I found outstanding care, qualified professionals and advanced research.We care to maintain Bahrain’s support to Hospital 57357Hospital 57357 was honored to welcome HE Ms. Fawzeya bent Abdullah Zainel, ambassador of Bahrain to Egypt and the permanent delegate at the Arab League. The visit falls within the framework of Bahrain’s support to … Continued

A research team at Hospital 57357 discovers markers that would help predict the outcome a rare type of pediatric tumors August 15, 2023

The study opens the door to develop a targeted therapy for this disorder Within the framework of Hospital 57357’s pursuit to link research to clinical reality and concerns  and its efforts to find solutions to improve survival rates, a research team discovered new agents that would help predict the development of a rare type of … Continued

Hospital 57357 holds a pediatric oncology education day for the students of the Faculties of Medicine August 13, 2023

Hospital 57357’s continuous education and development department organized a pediatric oncology education day for the students of Faculties of Medicine.Diverse delegations of residency year students  and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universities of Ain Shams, Kasr Eleiny, October and Modern Egypt participated in the event.The day program included meetings with a group … Continued