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A charity trust to commemorate the student Yousef Fayad December 16, 2020

Fayad is a student in the second grade of physiotherapy faculty and his classmates wanted to honor his memory with this donation for the benefit of 57357’s children.

A generous donation by Housing and Development Bank, 57357’s life long charity partner

To pursue the charity journey of supporting our children, the Housing and Development Bank offered a generous donation to support their treatment.

Pyramisa hotel, Dokki pursues its support to 57357’s children December 10, 2020

They encourage their customers to donate in favor of 57357’s children’s treatment journey Over many years, Pyramisa Hotel, our charity partner, pursued to support our children’s treatment journey in many ways. Through occasional visits, its management and employees used to delight our children with nice gifts besides participating in the charity events held in favor … Continued

Dr. Ibrahim Abdo Ibrahim: Equipped isolation set-up in 57357 for treating children with cancer who are infected with Coronavirus

We received 1271 cases including children and staff during the first wave Now we have good experience and we share in research about the relationship between Coronavirus and cancer We basically treat cancer, but we have learned how to treat Coronavirus, just like the rest of the world As we cannot give up on our … Continued

Chest clinic for the new Coronavirus

With the outbreak of the second wave of the pandemic, AFNCI in cooperation with the Egyptian Pediatric Association and under the supervision of Hospital 57357, offers diagnostic and treatment services for the new Coronavirus for patients from out of the Hospital, for competitive prices. The income of this service contributes to the treatment of children … Continued

Students of the Elite educational center and New Life School visit 57357’s children December 7, 2020

Hospital 57357 welcomed two delegations of students from the Elite educational center and New Life School.

Visits to support our children in 57357 by Alwafaa Association for Quran memorization, St. Mark’s Cathedral in Al-Abaseya and Bishop Bakhomious Monastery November 30, 2020

Hospital 57357 welcomed delegations from different religious institutions who came to support our children during their fight against cancer.

Generous donation for 31 infusion pumps by Modern School of Egypt 2000, in favor of 57357’s children

Modern School of Egypt 2000, MSE, embraced 57357’s children and provided the necessary valuable resources to establish 57357’s school.

Mohamed, a 57357 patient hero who is fighting leukemia and dreaming of becoming a metro driver November 15, 2020

Mohamed’s father: I came to the Hospital before as a donor, now I recognized the value of donation as it saved Mohamed’s life.