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The Eid El Fetr gift from Cairo governor to 57357: Support for 57357’s expansions so that more children would receive the best quality care December 16, 2019

Eng. Atef Abdel Hamid, Cairo governor: Cairo governorate support for 57357’s expansion projects is in line with for the nation’s support to the 57357 project since its inception. We invest in our children’s health seeking a better future for Egypt. The minister and Cairo governor, Atef Abdel Hamid visited Hospital 57357, accompanied by Major General … Continued

Hospital 57357 is under God’s protection, 57357’s patients and their families reply to false allegations about the Hospital

Mohamed’s mother –the mother of one of 57357’s patients-: we are a modest family, my husband is a cleaning worker in a school. God blessed us with 57357 to take care of our children as if they were their own. They treat all the children equally without discrimination. Mohamed is a 7 year old from … Continued

A 10 year knowledge-seeking journey for the triumph of life: 57357 celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful operation thanks to latest advances in Science and technology

The Hospital is to expand into a Health Science Campus at the service of the surrounding region During the month of July 2017, the 57357 community will commemorate the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 10th anniversary, as a leading institution in the fight against childhood cancer in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Opening its … Continued

In a step that is not the first of its kind, the Commercial International Bank, CIB, sponsors 57357’s acquisition of the latest technology in the positron imaging field “MCT FLOW UNLIMITED” Hospital 57357 is the first in Egypt to obtain this technology that will offer more speed and precision imaging and accordingly more accurate diagnosis

In a new step towards raising recovery rates and improving our services, the hospital will start utilizing the latest technology in PET-CT imaging using “MCT FLOW UNLIMITED”, the first of its kind in Egypt. The equipment is funded by CIB who have previously granted the hospital an intra operative MRI that is used in imaging … Continued

10 years during which Egypt rallied around 57357. With your support we will continue for many years to come

Today 10 years have passed since our dream, the one that all Egyptians shared in realizing, came to light 10 most challenging years during which, thanks to your support, we have established for our children the 57357 world  where  best quality care and treatment are provided free of charge 10 years during which hope in … Continued

Cerner international continues its support and cooperation with 57357 to apply its latest informatics systems Visiting 57357, a Cerner delegation is to discuss the second phase of the development of their system to cover the Hospital’s needs and expansion

Mike Pomerance, head of Cerner Middle East and Africa: I am happy with the cooperation with 57357, every time I visit the Hospital, its progress impresses me. We are not just providing an informatics system for medical care; we are looking forward to continue the journey with you. Hospital 57357’s CEO: Our reliance  on Cerner’s … Continued

His holiness Pope Tawadros II on visit to 57357

“In this place .. Egypt is beautiful” We support this great Hospital that serves the nation’s offspring and transforms dreams into reality His Holiness Pope Tawadros the Second, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, expressed his satisfaction with the spirit of achievement and teamwork he touched in the Hospital “I … Continued

A Protein language: deciphering the body-microbiome cross-talk December 2, 2019

A review article recently published in in the Journal of “Proteome Research”, highlights the importance of studying the “Metaprotoeme”—the total proteins produced by the community of microbes in our bodies—in providing a vivid picture of the interaction between body cells and microbiome. Microbiome is a modern term that describes the total microbes that inhabit our … Continued

Mitochondria offers a last resort for the most aggressive of breast cancers December 1, 2019

Collaborative research between Hospital 57357 and Zewail City of Science and Technology highlights the role of mitochondria in fighting breast cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy. The study titled “Role of mitochondria in rescuing glycolytically inhibited subpopulation of triple negative but not hormone-responsive breast cancer cells.”  was recently published in the  Scientific Reports, Journal on Sept, 24, … Continued

Aggresomes: A cellular indicator to predict patients’ outcomes in Pediatric Medulloblastoma November 29, 2019

Screening procedure for the presence of aggresomes could impact treatment protocols in the future In a recent study, a 57357 research team was able to detect the presence of aggresomes (aggregated protein inclusion bodies) in samples of pediatric Medulloblastoma (MB) tumors. This type of malignant brain cancer is the most common in children. The researchers were … Continued