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Amani is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer for the second time with faith and determination to win the battle April 27, 2020

She is a strong fighter who would not accept losing her battle against cancer, she has passion for life and wishes to graduate from Mass Communication faculty to become a successful montage specialist.

Marwan: in 57357 they don’t just provide treatment, they educate us on how to face our illness. I recovered and became a volunteer to help children just as the volunteers helped me. April 26, 2020

My name is Marwan Ahmed, student in commerce high school. My chronological age is 15 years, but my experience in 57357 taught me much more than what anyone of my age is capable of learning.

A year has gone by to find us welcoming once again the month of Ramadan… April 22, 2020

To all our donors, charity partners, faithful supporters we wish you during the holy month to be filled with peace and hope that Life will prevail over death, disease and suffering and that (God Willing).

Thanks to your support, George defeated cancer after a challenging treatment journey in 57357 April 15, 2020

George’s father: the Hospital saved my son’s life and we have to support it as it saves our children

Our heartfelt gratitude to our charity partner, Commercial International Bank, CIB, for its continuous support to 57357specially in times of crisis April 9, 2020

Within the framework of its continuous support to 57357 since many years, the CIB foundation provided its generous annual donation to Hospital 57357, to help the Hospital pursue its mission for  the children with cancer. This donation is one of many contributions the bank is providing through its foundation. For example in 2018, besides the … Continued

Thank you Blom Bank Egypt for your generous donation to 57357 ! A much valued contribution to our children’s treatment, alleviating the effect of the crisis Egypt and the world are facing

 In commitment to its social responsibility, Blom Bank Egypt, which is one of 57357’s important charity partners, offered a generous donation in favor of 57357’s children’s treatment and also to help the Hospital overcome the effect of the corona virus crises that the whole country is facing,. As such the bank is contributing to protecting … Continued

Zakareya, a heart-driven 57357 heroe who memorizes Holy Quran, has defeated cancer and wishes to become a famous Quran reciter April 6, 2020

In Hospital 57357, there are many heroes who derive energy to fight cancer and defeat it from your support. Our hero Zakareya is 8 years old and comes from Almahala.

Thanks to your support to 57357, Mohammed who is a kick boxing champion will win the battle against cancer March 29, 2020

The hero of our story is Mohamed, an 8 year old patient from Almahala. Mohamed loves kick boxing and he has been practicing it since he was 4.

Hospital 57357 welcomes the repeated visit of the youth of the Egyptian community school in Canada alongwith with the Head of the Canadian Coptic center

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from the Egyptian community school in Canada along with father Angelious Saad, head of the Canadian Coptic center and father Bishoy in a visit that is not the first one to the Hospital. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Mohamed Aggag, head of ECN Canada, who thanked them for their … Continued

World patient safety day March 25, 2020

Tanta branch supervised the activities of world patient safety day that was initiated by the World Health Organization.