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Affirming its continuous commitment to the application of highest quality standards: December 16, 2019

Hospital 57357 receives the Joint Commission International, JCI’s quality accreditation for the second time In attendance of the JCI delegation, the Hospital’s CEO, management and a large crowd of employees, 57357 celebrated the first renewal of the JCI accreditation. JCI accredits hospitals around the world for the quality of medical services, safety measurements, infection control … Continued

Hospital 57357 welcomes a delegation from Prince Mohammed ben Fahd Association for human development

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from Prince Mohammed ben Fahd Association for Human Development coming from Saudi Arabia. The delegation that was headed by Dr. Iesa ben Hassan Al Ansari, treasurer of the Association was welcomed by Dr. Wael Eweida, deputy general of Hospital 57357 for operations. After welcoming the guests, Dr. Eweida presented the … Continued

Hospital 57357 hosts partner schools annual scientific contest titled “the little inventor”

Hospital 57357 hosted the annual scientific contest for partner schools’ students. This year, the contest titled “the little inventor” was held under the patronage of “Idea gym” center for sciences. The contest is usually organized by 57357’s schools and universities department in cooperation with 57357’s research department once a year in support of schools students … Continued

For international volunteer day, Hospital 57357 honors its volunteers, with the participation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and civil society heads

At Hospital 57357, we believe in the importance of volunteering and its positive effect not only on our patients but on the society as a whole. That is why we seized the opportunity of international volunteer day to hold a celebration to honor our volunteers. We also meant to acknowledge our partner banks, companies, hotels … Continued

Bishop Makarious, General Bishop of Almenia and Abu Korkas chuches, visits 57357’s children and invite Egyptians to direct their donations to support the Hospital

Hospital 57357 welcomed Bishop Makarious on his first visit to 57357 along with a group of priests and bishops from Almenia and Embaba. The visitors were greeted by a big crowd of children and families and the Bishop started the visit with prayers for the healing of the children. They visited children in their rooms, … Continued

Hospital 57357 receives the visit of a delegation of nurses from Africa interested in clinical nutrition for nursing

Within its pursuit to induce effective change in healthcare in this part of the world, Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from the nursing faculty of Cairo University that included a number of administrators and 17 trainees from ten African countries (Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, North and South of Sudan, Malawi, Namibia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana) to … Continued

Hospital 57357 is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ASHP, to offer the International Pharmacy Practice Resident, IPPR training program

ECN U.S. supports the first visit of ASHP and the accreditation expenses To assert its leadership in clinical pharmacy field and in pharmacy education, Hospital 57357 received accreditation from ASHP. 57357 is the first Hospital in Africa to  receive ASHP accreditation for the IPPR program. The IPPR program is a one-year professional training residency program … Continued

57357 was honored by “Pioneers of Arab Social Networking” in Dubai for its contribution to promoting interactive and effective communication through social media

In attendance and sponsorship of his highness sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid al Maktoum, vice president of United Arab Emirates, prime minister and Dubai governor, Dubai club for journalism organized its third session of “pioneers of Arab social networking” to honor those with positive influence in social media channels Hospital 57357 was selected to be honored, … Continued

Regarding the final decision of the committee that was formed to audit the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357

At the start , the Ministry of Social Solidarity affirms its concern to guaranty the independence of civil society’s work and the freedom of its administrators in running operations and achieving their mission without intervention of the administrative authorities except within the limits allowed by the law and the constitution, in the pursuit of ensuring … Continued

Rahma the 5 year old patient from Al Sharkia can resume dreaming to be a dentist

Rahma, a five year old girl from Al Sharkia Governorate, has overcome cancer and is starting the follow-up phase of the treatment thanks to quality care, both physical and psychological,l she receives at the hands of a vigilant and advanced team of professionals. Chatting with her father, he shared the story of his daughter’s ordeal: … Continued