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Hospital 57357’s new website, a technical leap for more effective communication with our partners December 31, 2019

Automatic update of statistics and international standards of design for faster and easier usage As a milestone on the path of systems development and upgrade, we started operating the Hospital’s new website after equipping it with latest technology to cater to the 57357 Institution’s varied needs  and to contribute to more effective communication with 57357’s … Continued

57357 celebrates Christmas and New Year with songs and decorations. December 30, 2019

 Kind hearted people rally around 57357 to share our children the joy and festivities of Christmas and the New Year. The Hospital welcomed many visits of charitable people to decorate the Hospital and create a cheerful atmosphere for our children. Yesterday we welcomed theTaghmat Almalaeka team from St. Guargious and Bishop Antony church in Heliopolis;  … Continued

Dr. Ibrahim Shalabi and the artist Tahani Abu Elsoud, pursue their continuous support for 57357

The artist Tahani Abu Elsoud who donated the profit of 50 of her paintings to Hospital 57357 is the mother of Dr. Ibrahim Shalabi,physician ,talented  and patriotic writer, and one of Hospital 57357 most important supporters. Five years ago he wrote a book titled “getting out of the bubble” where he presented 57357’s success story, … Continued

Software package to track the movements of proteins to facilitate cancer diagnosis and follow up

In its December 14, 2019, edition Elsvier journal published a research paper by Prof. Dr. Sameh Magd Aldeen, head of proteomics program of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357. The research team developed a software package “UniprotR” to retrieve and collect proteins’ research results, processing and analyzing it in an easy fast automatic way to … Continued

Shorouk, a 57357 hero, celebrates the last chemotherapy dose intake and wishes to become a teacher December 29, 2019

Shorouk who is one of 57357’s heroes, is in grade 6 of primary school. When you chat with her you feel you are talking to a mature person with a serene smiley face. She’s coming from Alsharkeia governorate and she has one brother who is in grade three of preparatory school. Her father is an … Continued

57357 celebrates the launching of the nursing innovation center and honors creative nurses

Besides pursuing to provide world standards of care, Hospital 57357 also supports creativity which aims at enhancing performance level and improving quality of services provided to patients. In this context the Hospital celebrated today the launching of the nursing innovation center aiming to encourage nurses in all departments to be creative so as to contribute … Continued

Aya Asem is a 57357’s hero who defeated cancer and decided to pay the Hospital back by working for it

A man can achieve what his mind can perceive and believe in. This statement is applicable to Dr. Aya’s life journey which was marked by her illness as she got cancer before reaching the age of 15. Physicians told her family that the chance of her recovery is slim as her body was so exhausted … Continued

Ongoing sadaka from Raas Ghareb educational authority for 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation from Raas Ghareb educational authority headed by Dr. Hesham Awad Rashed, General Manager of the authority, accompanied by Kamal Solieman, Chairman of the Board of Trusties of the Red Sea Governorate. The delegation included 50 visitors comprising a group of schools’ presidents, departments’ managers, trusties’ board members, teachers and heads … Continued

Alaa, 57357’s patient, celebrates the completion of chemotherapy treatment on the first day of Ramadan December 16, 2019

Today, on the first day of Ramadan, Alaa had her last chemotherapy dose and started the follow-up phase of the treatment. Alaa is a nine year old girl from Menoufia who was admitted in 57357 in June 2016 and diagnosed with leukemia. She suffered from severe headaches and pain in her leg which made her … Continued

Hospital 57357 welcomes Father Josef John from Khartoum and a group of children from Sixth of October Parish

Hospital 57357 welcomed Father Josef John from Virgin Mary Church in Khartoum on his first visit where he prayed for our sick children. He toured the Hospital’s departments and the art therapy workshop and handed out nice gifts to the children. Father John expressed his delight with the Hospital’s world  standard services and both the … Continued