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Mrs. Gihan Alsadat and her daughters visit 57357 and donate in favor of its children December 16, 2019

Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga: we established the 57357 institution, inspired by the October victory spirit The set-up of a charitable endowment in the name of the leader Anwar Alsadat and his family, in 57357 Mrs. Gihan Alsadat: In 57357, I came across evidence-based practices, compassion and sense of belonging. I wish that every Egyptian would … Continued

Hospital 57357 welcomed its honorary president and Egypt’s lover, Egyptian American economist, Dr. Mohammed El-Erian and the members of Egypt Cancer Network, ECN-USA

Hospital 57357’s top management: we work hard to advance research and soon we will gain its fruits, in this respect we thank ECN-US for their continuous support Dr. El-Erian: I am proud of 57357 and of belonging to it, my gratitude to all of its staff. I am urging all its supporters to stand behind … Continued

On its 10th anniversary, Hospital 57357 hosts the first ever immunotherapy symposium in Egypt and Region

Immunotherapy, a breakthrough for ALL pediatric cancer patients to be imminently applied at 57357 On the occasion of Hospital 57357’s celebration of 10 years of operation, the first ever immunotherapy symposium in Egypt and the surrounding region was held yesterday (November 9, 2017,) at the Hospital premises. North American experts and eminent physicians animated the scientific meeting … Continued

Heroes of military division 101 honor the families of their martyred fellows

To express their loyalty to their martyred fellows and their support to 57357 , they offered 57357’s patients a naming opportunity in the names of the departed Hospital 57357 hosted the honoring ceremony of military division 101 for the families of their martyred fellows. It has become a custom for our army heroes to reach … Continued

A novel charity initiative by Ms. Nelly Ghabbour in support of 57357’s children

Time and Again, we the staff of Hospital 57357 are touched by the faithfulness and generosity of the Hospital’s initial founders and charitable partners. A member of the Ghabbour family, Ms Nelly Ghabbour, sister in law of the late beloved Ola ghabbour, former secretary general of the 57357 foundation, moves us by her kind and generous … Continued

Students of artistic faculties of the Egyptian universities along with artists and media representatives participate in painting the fence of 57357’s expansions through the initiative “dream..draw..color”

Kapci Coatings share in the initiative and provide paints A new dream is coming to light, new expansions to be built by Egypt’s sons. Many kind hearted people share in the joy of the vision of being able to offer every sick child top quality treatment and room. Egypt’s loyal sons are always involved in … Continued

Book Base Company provided the design and programing of a smart mobile android application for 57357, as a donation to support the Hospital’s children

In the framework of supporting the 57357 foundation, Book Base donated the design and digitalization of App 57357 that can be installed through “google play”. The smart application will enable easy communication with donors and visitors, and easy access to donation programs so donors can learn about it. Moreover, the application will enable easy access … Continued

For the first time in the Middle East and Africa: The use of radioactive positron F18-FET in PET/CT scan produced in-house by 57357’s cyclotron.

An agent in PET imaging particularly effective in Brain Tumors detection Within the pursuit of improving cure rates and maintaining leadership in the provision of quality services, the Nuclear Medicine department has initiated a novel detection technique based on the usage of radioactive material F18-FET. This is the first time in the Middle East and … Continued

Cooperation protocol between Careem Company for transportation services and 57357, to offer free rides to the hospital’s patients and workers

Hanadi from the nursing department: thanks to Careem and their offer which will be of great help us during night shifts, it will save time spent in other transportation channels Hospital 57357 signed a cooperation protocol with Careem Company for transportations through which it will offer free services to our children and hospital staff of … Continued

In attendance of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hussein Almehresawi, president of Al-Azhar University and priest Bolus Sorour, Hospital 57357 celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammed

Dr. Almehresawi: “Celebrating Prophet Mohammed’s anniversary in 57357 is considered a feast for me. My gratitude to the staff of the Hospital for the efforts they exert in taking excellent care of the sick children” Hospital 57357 held a celebration on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohamed, where we were honored by … Continued