Tanta News

World patient safety day March 25, 2020

The quality department of Hospital 57357, Tanta branch supervised the activities of world patient safety day that was initiated by the World Health Organization, WHO on the 17th of September of every year. The activities included awareness for employees and healthcare professionals about procedures and guidelines that guaranty patient’s safety and enable he constant improvement … Continued

Matrix club celebration

Amid an atmosphere of warmth and joyfulness , Matrix club in cooperation with Hospital 57357 Tanta’s public relation department organized a celebration to entertain the Hospital’s children . This social contribution supports the important role of the Hospital to provide the children with both medical and psychological care.

Entertainment and Educational visits

The following pictures are for the children’s entertainment and educational visits to the art creation center in Damanhour, qytbay citadel, Rashid museum, and St. Mark Church in Rashid. The trips organized by Hospital 57357’s public relation department play an important role in alleviating he stress and ordeal that children suffer from during their treatment journey, … Continued

Mothers’ day, tales of hope and pain

In appreciation for the values of self-sacrifice and dedication that mothers of children with cancer incarnate in Hospital 57357, and in acknowledgement of the humanity and compassion of the Hospital’s care providers, the Hospital held a celebration on the occasion of mothers’ day during which was characterized by the prevalence of a warm family spirit. … Continued

Parties and collective birthdays

Art and entertainment shows organized by visiting students from various schools and universities create a cheerful atmosphere and a positive social interaction between our children and the visiting groups which contributes to improving our children’s psychological condition.

Sharing in social awareness

Within the framework of the Hospital’s vision of a cancer free childhood, cancer awareness activities were initiated by 57357 Tanta , to increase awareness about cancer disease, its early detection, and healthy living guidelines for prevention, as well as presenting the services provided by the Hospital. These activities conducted by the awareness team included seminars … Continued

Trip to Sedra village at the northern coast in 2019

Recreational trips are one of the activities organized by the public relations department of Hospital 57357. As such, 57357 Tanta branch organized a summer trip to entertain patients and their families, alleviate the burden of the treatment journey and draw a smile on their faces, which contributes to raising the children’s morale and plays an … Continued

Cleaners of Hospital 57357 .. beauty makers

Creating a clean environment to protect our patients from transmittable diseases and to maintain world quality standards in sanitation is a challenging task.. This is what Hospital 57357’s cleaners do. To express appreciation and gratitude, Hospital 57357, Tanta branch organized a celebration to honor the cleaning staff for their continuous efforts in maintaining cleanliness at … Continued

Honoring high school outstanding students for 2019

As Hospital 57357 is committed to support its patients in a comprehensive manner including medical, psychological and social care, 57357 Tanta’s management organized an event to honor outstanding patients graduates of high school for 2019, to celebrate defeating their disease and their academic excellence in a cheerful atmosphere.

Tanta residents promptly rise up to the challenge of meeting the needs and shortages of 57357Tanta’s blood bank January 19, 2020

Tanta residents, bravely and resolutely, hurried up to donate blood in favor of 57357’s children in Tanta branch as they experienced shortages in different blood types as a result of increasing number of patients who need blood and its components. Within the continuous efforts of the blood bank to organize blood donation campaigns to meet … Continued