World Food Safety Day July 21, 2022
World patient safety day March 25, 2020

Tanta branch supervised the activities of world patient safety day that was initiated by the World Health Organization.

Matrix club celebration

Matrix club in cooperation with Hospital 57357 Tanta’s public relation department organized a celebration to entertain the Hospital’s children.

Entertainment and Educational visits

The following pictures are for the children’s entertainment and educational visits to the art creation center in Damanhour.

Mothers’ day, tales of hope and pain

In appreciation for the values of self-sacrifice and dedication that mothers of children with cancer incarnate in Hospital 57357.

Parties and collective birthdays

Art and entertainment shows organized by visiting students from various schools and universities create a cheerful atmosphere and a positive social interaction between our children and the visiting groups which contributes to improving our children’s psychological condition.

Trip to Sedra village at the northern coast in 2019

Recreational trips are one of the activities organized by the public relations department of Hospital 57357.

Honoring high school outstanding students for 2019

As Hospital 57357 is committed to support its patients in a comprehensive manner including medical.