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Outreach Testimonials

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian June 23, 2022

The designation of building 57357 in the name of Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

Testimonial of Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

African Pharmacists

Testimonials of African Pharmacists

African students

Testimonials of African students

Luis Hachiko

Professor of Pediatric Nursing at Boston University

Dr. Sherif Yaqoub

Oncologist in Maryland Hospital in the United States

Dr. Mark Kieran

Discuss ways of cooperation between 57357 and Harvard University

Hager Elgendi June 2, 2022

I had the pleasure of completing an elective rotation at the 57537 Children Cancer Hospital in 2018.

Mie Amdi Bertelsen March 18, 2022

I was lucky enough to intern in the Nutrition Department within Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (57357), in the start of 2020. As a Global Nutrition & Health student, I was already aware how important this was to the longevity and wellbeing. However, my time at 57357 showed me how essential optimal nutrition is in pediatric oncology.

Becton, Dickinson and Company, also known as BD March 12, 2022

We will support a team effort by BD to understand all of your pain points and learn ways that BD can possibly bring solutions – If other places could emulate what is being done in this hospital, then there can be a world without cancer in children