Prizes and Awards

Hospital 57357’s labs receive the CAP international accreditation from the College of American pathologists February 13, 2024

The labs accreditation committee of the College of American Pathologists, CAP, granted Hospital 57357-Egypt the CAP accreditation. The CAP accreditation was obtained after a chain of long examinations and procedures on site which are part of the accreditation program followed by the CAP.

The accreditation covered the following labs at Hospital 57357

  1. Hematology unit
  2. Chemistry unit
  3. Virology and immunology unit
  4. Flowcytometry unit
  5. Cytogenetics unit
  6. Molecular hematology
  7. Microbiology unit
  8. Immuno- genetics
  9. POCT

Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357 Group CEO, revealed that pursuing the CAP accreditation for 57357’s labs  goes beyond the mere obtaining of a certification; it is  a reflection of our commitment to continuous performance improvement. Dr. Sonya Soliman, head of Hospital 57357’s clinical pathology department, shares “we are proud for having obtained the recent accreditation of our labs in nine specializations after the CAP accreditation committee’s first check on site”. The CAP accreditation was obtained after a chain of long examinations and procedures to ensure that Hospital 57357’s labs qualify for more than 3000 standards.  It was found to be complying to more than 99% of the standards, which is an impressive achievement (as the CAP team leader announced at the end of the inspection day).

This achievement is another evidence of our commitment since day one to maintaining high quality performance. It affirms our team’s continuous efforts and dedication. Their commitment to highest standards of accuracy and quality has earned them this deserved accreditation. As head of the clinical pathology lab, I believe that this certification is an evidence of our constant pursuit of providing quality services and care to our patients through accurate and precise diagnosis and ultimately improving cure rates. This accreditation is to remind us with our commitment towards patients and families who have entrusted us with their care. It reassures them that they are receiving the highest level of lab services which upholds accurate diagnosis and enhances survival rates .
We are grateful for the great support we receive from the Hospital’s administration and we pledge to constantly pursue performance improvement and the provision of best possible quality care  and services to our patients who  are in dire need of them.”

The USA’s federal government recognizes the CAP’s accreditation program, which came into operation in the sixties of last century and which is committed to the rigorous governmental inspection standards.

During the CAP accreditation, inspectors audit the lab’s records and quality assurance parameters followed by the lab, to guaranty that the lab patients receive the highest care standards. CAP inspectors also review the lab specialists’ qualifications, equipment, facilities, safety programs and the management style in general.

About the CAP:

The College of American Pathologist, CAP, is the largest world organization for pathologists who obtained the board certificate; It is a leading authority in labs accreditation and quality assurance testing program. It serves patient, pathologists and the general public through encouraging and supporting excellence in the field of practicing pathology and lab medicine around the world. For more information please read CAP’s annual report on

Hospital 57357 is honored by Saudi Kingdom’s health performance program February 9, 2023

Through its health performance program arm, the Saudi Kingdom’s Ministry of Health granted the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation, CCHF 57357, an award for its remarkable efforts in serving the health system in Egypt and the Arab world. The awarding ceremony took place yesterday February 5th, 2023 in attendance of ambassador Ahmed Farouk, Egypt’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his deputy, Minister plenipotentiary Deyaa Hamad.

The award was received by Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, chairman of the board of trusties of the CCHF 57357 and Egypt’s former minister of high education, on behalf of Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, the 57357 group CEO and the Hospital’s general manager, whose health condition prevented him from attending the ceremony.

In a recorded video for the occasion, Dr. Abouel Naga expressed his regrets for being unable to attend the ceremony because of his health condition and said; “Hospital 57357 opened in 2007 with 180 beds; with time, the number of beds increased to 386 beds in 2020. Hence, Hospital 57357 became the largest children’s cancer hospital in the world in terms of capacity. Since its inception and until the end of 2020, the Hospital served 94955 patients, with an over-all survival rate of 71.7%. Through applying latest treatment protocols and using up to date technology, we hope to reach the world survival rate of 83%. The number of patients coming to the Hospital to complete their treatment exceeded 18000 annually , where the Hospital is admitting more than 3000 new cases annually”

Dr. Abouel Naga concluded saying: “Every child in the Hospital is considered like our own son; Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been and will always be supportive to each other”.

57357 was honored by “Pioneers of Arab Social Networking” in Dubai November 27, 2019

In attendance and sponsorship of his highness sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid al Maktoum, vice president of United Arab Emirates, prime minister and Dubai governor, Dubai club for journalism organized its third session of “pioneers of Arab social networking” to honor those with positive influence in social media channels.

Hospital 57357 was selected to be honored, in the health category, for its recognized effect on social media, its effective contribution in promoting positive interaction and in encouraging creative thinking among youth and the Arab society. In attendance of leaders of Arab social media networks and influential Arab and international figures, Dr. Sherif Abuel Naga, executive manager of 57357 group and general manager of the Hospital, received the award.

The Emirati website “bayan” declared that the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 received the award for being one of the most prominent institutions whose campaigns were widely shared on social media and whose team was able to consolidate its position as an institution that can sustain, develop and grow.

Throughout its years of operation, Hospital 57357 exerted much efforts through social media channels to spread its mission and consolidate values of giving and philanthropy among volunteers around the world, initiating change with respect to the free provision of healthcare services to children with cancer. Through positive interaction in social media channels, it could attract millions of followers, positively affecting charity institutions, and enabling the dissemination of scientific knowledge and 57357’s experience in other communities. Moreover, 57357 encourages and adopts charity initiatives by youth in Egypt and other countries to contribute to supporting our children with cancer. It was able to introduce real change on the level of interaction with its followers, earning their trust and highlighting the importance of enhancing free healthcare provision among the public. As a result, millions of the Hospital’s followers participated in our children’s recovery journey and in ensuring the sustainability of the Hospital’s operations and its development and expansion efforts to be able to serve more children with cancer, and becoming one of the leaders of Arab social communication.

Our gratitude to his highness sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid al Mactoum for acknowledging the Hospital.

Isa Award for Service to Humanity November 26, 2019

Bahrain’s deputy prime minister and chairman of the board of trusties of Isa award for service to humanity, his highness sheikh Mohammed Ben Mubarak Al Khalifa, announces that the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation Egypt wins Isa award in its third edition 2015-2017.

Joint Commission International Accreditation November 25, 2019

Hospital 5357 is proud to announce the receipt of the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation on Jan. 20, 2016. The JCI is one of the world’s prominent nonprofit accreditation organizations working to ensure safety and highest quality of care for the patient

EC-Council Best New Comer ATC Award 2016 for Africa November 24, 2019

ITBU, AFNCI, are granted the EC-Council Best New Comer ATC award 2016 for Africa. The EC-Council is a leading international certification body in information security and e-business. The EC-Council Global Awards program acknowledges the ongoing commitment of Accredited Training Centers and Certified EC-Council Instructors that have contributed significantly to the information security community by providing leading information security certification programs. There are many categories for this award among which the best newcomer award. ITBU, AFNCI as part of the 57357 Group was awarded as well as two other entities for this category for the Africa Region.

Cerner Middle East Award 2015 November 23, 2019

57357 is granted a Cerner Middle East award for the adoption of inspiring Healthcare Technology aiming to improve patients’ outcomes at the 2015 Cerner Achievement & Innovation Awards that took place in Dubai.

OFID’s 2015 Annual Award for Development November 22, 2019

Hospital 57357 receives The OPEC Fund for International Development, (OFID)’s 2015 Annual Award for Development:

This comes as recognition of 57357 works in alleviating the suffering of children and its dedication in fighting cancer and achieving adequate treatment facilities. The Award, which is granted with a US$100,000 prize, was declared on the sidelines of the 36th session of the Ministerial Council.  The Council Chairman, the Chairman of the Governing Board and the Director-General presented the award to the Hospital in Vienna at the end of July 2015 The Ambassador of Egypt to Austria, Khaled Shamaa, received the Award on behalf of the 57357 Group

Al-Sharka Prize for Volunteer Work 2014 November 21, 2019

In appreciation for 57357’s humanitarian role and work at the service of the community, it was awarded the 2014 “Al-Sharka prize for volunteer work” on the Arab region level and institutions category .The setting up of the award takes place under the patronage of his highness Dr. Al-Sheikh Sultan Ben Mohamed Al-Kasmy, El-Sharka  ruler and supreme council member

ISO Accreditation 22000:2005 2010 November 20, 2019

Hospital 57357 the receipt of the ISO accreditation 22000:2005 on March, 13th, 2010 in Food Safety Management Procedures. The hospital is proud to be the first ever in the Middle East region to receive this certification; in tune with its concern to offer its patients the best standards of comprehensive healthcare.

The certification body confirmed that hospital 57357 is offering its patients 165 nutritional items free from any harmful bacteria on a daily basis. Also present at this event were Consultants, Dr. Alaa Naguib and Dr. Doria Aly from the Public Authority for Standards and Quality. The ISO accreditation is renewed periodically.