Pharmaceutical Services & Sciences

Begad Mohamed

Extemporaneous Preparation Unit Supervisor

Dalia Makhlouf

Head of Personalized Medication Management Unit and Pharmacy Specialties Section

Niveen Magdy

IV Admixture Room Senior Supervisor

Samira Azab

IV Mixing and Sterile Area Supervisor

Kareem Elfarsi

Senior Operation Room Clinical Pharmacist

Nermin Ezzat

Clinical Nutrition Support Pharmacist Supervisor

Tarek Mohamed

Pharmacogenetics Specialist at Personalized Medication Management Unit

Rania Saber

PMMU Therapeutic Drug monitoring & Quality Control Senior Specialist
Official Auditor for ISO

Marwan Mohyeldin

Intravenous Preparation and Checking Supervisor

Mahmoud Elsherif

Cardiology Pharmacy Specialist