Patients’ Success Stories

Pretty Zahra defeated cancer: I held on to my dreams persuading myself that going through each chemo session meant achieving a new victory. January 31, 2021

Zahra is actually one of 57357’s flowers, behind her pretty peaceful face there is strong will and determination in overcoming her dreadful disease.

Supported by love and care in 57357, I decided to defeat cancer and be a good example for others January 4, 2021

I wonder is hope a feeling that creeps in our hearts unconsciously! Or it is the result of happenings that lead to make it real and concrete?

Menna pursues her treatment and has many dreams for her future

One year ago she had a different life and big dreams like any girl in her age, but cancer attacked her and changed her life.

Mohamed, a 57357 patient hero who is fighting leukemia and dreaming of becoming a metro driver November 15, 2020

Mohamed’s father: I came to the Hospital before as a donor, now I recognized the value of donation as it saved Mohamed’s life.

Jasmin is fighting the disease and wishes to become a surgeon in 57357 September 28, 2020

A message from Jasmin’s mother: thank you, because of your donations my daughter receives treatment and will be healed, God willing, keep supporting our children in 57357.

Big dreams defeat cancer September 7, 2020

Ahmed Atef is one of 57357 heroes who comes from Qena in upper Egypt.

Mariam: ”I wish all my friends at Hospital 57357 a blessed and Joyful Eid”

I bought a pink home outfit instead of a dress for the Eid because of Corona confinement

Omar a 57357 Tanta patient who defeated cancer and scored 98% in his end of high school exams September 3, 2020

Omar is one of 57357 Tanta branch heroes. He was admitted to the Hospital in 2016 with lymphoma. His treatment journey lasted till February 2017

Salma, a 57357’s heroin, who is fighting lung and bone cancer and is dreaming of becoming an interior designer June 29, 2020

Behind each of our heroes in 57357 there is a story of a real and tough battle against cancer.

Amani is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer for the second time with faith and determination to win the battle April 27, 2020

She is a strong fighter who would not accept losing her battle against cancer, she has passion for life and wishes to graduate from Mass Communication faculty to become a successful montage specialist.