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Patients Success Stories

After tumor removal and 10 chemotherapy doses, Nadeen defeated cancer and returned back to her school and friends March 8, 2020

Today was a beautiful day in Nadeen Usama’s life as well as it was for her family, father, mother, brothers and sister and for her school friends too. As such, her mother was keen to record her joy as she was going back to school after recovering from cancer. Nadeen Usama from Alexandria, is a … Continued

Shorouk, a 57357 hero, celebrates the last chemotherapy dose intake and wishes to become a teacher

Shorouk who is one of 57357’s heroes, is in grade 6 of primary school. When you chat with her you feel you are talking to a mature person with a serene smiley face. She’s coming from Alsharkeia governorate and she has one brother who is in grade three of preparatory school. Her father is an … Continued

Yaseen Mohammed November 30, 2019

I dream of becoming the best actor in Egypt and join the aviation institute.