Patients’ Success Stories

Malak a 57357 heroine who is fighting cancer for the second time and dreaming to become a painter September 14, 2021

Thanks be to God they are able to defeat their illness. Your donation can be the reason for a child’s healing, join us and grant them hope in life.

Our heroes who obtained their high school certificate with distinction: In 57357 we learn to hold on to our dreams September 5, 2021

Behind each of our patients is a heroic story of struggle and endurance with as background the support of family and friends and a greater support by 57357 who offered them high quality medical and psychological care.

Hanin is fighting cancer and dreaming to become a practicing doctor in 57357 June 29, 2021

Hanin is a 7 year old girl who is bravely fighting leukemia since the start of 2019.

Aser is fighting cancer and his wish is to become an actor June 20, 2021

Our little 6 year old hero Aser from Alexandria who appears in one of the Hospital’s ads, captivated the attention of viewers for his wit and cuteness.

Amal is fighting bone cancer and propagating optimism among her 57357’s friends May 1, 2021

Amal is a seven and a half year old girl from Asyout fighting bravely cancer at Hospital 57357.

Little Renad and her mother find reassurance and serenity in 57357 April 18, 2021

Renad is an 8 year old girl from Alshohadaa, Menoufeya, who is currently receiving leukemia treatment in 57357.

Nadia, the 6 year old 57357 cancer patient who is fighting bravely while waiting for bone marrow transplantation April 6, 2021

Nadia is a lovely 6 year old girl from Zakazik with wide beautiful eyes and a smiley face.

Mohamed celebrates defeating cancer in 57357 April 4, 2021

In 57357, everyday there is a story of a brave fighter who defeats cancer after a long tough battle.

Essam Algendy, chess champion of Egypt and Africa: My dream is to see my son playing and running as before March 15, 2021

I pledge to donate to the Hospital so long as God blessedly provides me with the means.

Nayera is a 57357, Tanta branch heroine who is fighting bone cancer March 4, 2021

Her gift for her grandmother on mother’s day is a scarf, and the rest of her savings is for her mother.