Patient Success Stories

Mahmoud is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer for the second time March 13, 2023

He likes Quran reciting and wishes to become a doctor Our hero Mahmoud is 9 years old. He lives in Albehaira Governorate. He got leukemia and was admitted to the Hospital 5 years ago. He completed his treatment and started the follow up phase, but he relapsed in June 2022. Dr. Hesham Monib, his treating … Continued

Rowaida, a 57357’s heroine who is fighting bone cancer, is celebrating her birthday and wishes recovery for the New Year November 29, 2022

I am happy to celebrate my birthday with my mother back home, and my wish for this year is to fully recover, along with all my friends in 57357.

After recovering from brain cancer, Mohamed asks his father to photograph him in Hospital 57357’s recreation center November 27, 2022

Mohamed’s father; thanks to everyone who contributed to my son’s treatment, and to all those who work in 57357 for their sincere efforts to give excellent care to our children.

With a pretty smile Ahmed is fighting cancer and has already started the follow up stage October 11, 2022

In 57357 I found outstanding care for my son, marvelous treatment and healthy nutrition, I am thanking them from my heart

Through painting and coloring, Jana overcomes her fear and fights cancer in 57357 September 29, 2022

I like 57357 because I can paint and color while taking the chemotherapy dose, and I meet my friends in the art therapy workshop

Nour is a 57357 heroine who is fighting kidney cancer with a smile and wishes to become a doctor August 30, 2022

We discovered Nour’s cancer by chance, and we immediately took her to 57357, as it is the best children’s cancer hospital

57357 is happy for its children’s success August 15, 2022

In 57357 nothing is impossible

Congratulations to 57357’s heroes Mustafa and Alaa for passing Azhar high school certificate exams with excellence August 4, 2022

57357 is like my home, there I receive my treatment, and I had my exams

Youssef’s mother: Youssef will be spending the Eid in 57357 and his wish is to defeat cancer and to become “a police officer” July 17, 2022

He started his treatment journey last April 2022. He was diagnosed with a lymphoma that compressed the spinal cord, affecting his ability to walk, and causing him pain in the legs.

Shahd, a 57357 patient survivor, invites her schoolmates at the Official Language School to visit the hospital June 15, 2022

“Since I was admitted to the Hospital, I never felt afraid as they all loved me, took good care of me, and made me feel normal”