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Patient Success Stories

Sayed is a hero who is fighting brain cancer in 57357 December 10, 2023

Sayed’s mother: this Hospital was a lifeline for us, they gave us hope in his cure. Our little hero’s story started when he came from Zakazik in December 2022. He was admitted to Hospital 57357 and was diagnosed with cerebellum cancer. Right after admission he had a surgery to remove the tumor. Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, … Continued

Zeina’s mother: the treatment journey is long, but many children in 57357 defeated the disease December 6, 2023

The day we were admitted to the Hospital with my daughter while frightened and shattered, God sent me a good omen: another mother with her daughter looking happy and laughing. She told me that her daughter had finished treatment and was healed, thanks to God. She added: I wish for Zeina to recover too very … Continued

After passing the end of high school exam with a rate of 92.5%, Fatema shares: October 4, 2023

I was fighting cancer for 9 years …Hospital 57357 is my home and my support. Today, I am 17 years old. I’ve been receiving treatment in 57357 for 9 years, which means that 57357 became my second home where I spent half of my age. My case was tough, a tumor in the eye, 3 … Continued

The mother: 57357’s bone marrow transplantation saved Ahmed’s life August 8, 2023

The treatment journey lasts three years, and many children are waiting for the expansion of the unit .When we were admitted to 57357 we felt as  though we were in a different world. nobody can feel what we were going through except those who had a similar experience with their child. You are surrounded by … Continued

Lugina is a 57357 fighter who defeated cancer and will go back to playing gymnastics again July 26, 2023

Our fighter, Lugina is 8 years old and lives in Cairo. She was admitted in August 2020 and diagnosed with leukemia.  Her treatment journey ended in April 2023 when she took her last chemotherapy dose and started the follow up stage.“The hardest thing for a mother is when she’s told that her daughter has cancer”, … Continued

Ibrahim’s brother: At 57357, they had a comprehensive treatment plan for my brother from day one July 16, 2023

He had a successful micro surgery to remove the tumor and is getting ready to start the radiotherapy stage Ibrahim is dreaming of cure, to continue his studies and go back to his small project Ibrahim is not just my young brother, he is also my friend, partner and supporter. After our father’s death we … Continued

Mesk is a 57357 champion who is fighting cancer and starting the follow up stage to realize the dream of cure

Mesk’s mother: “In 57357 there are angels who make our children’s journey with cancer much easier. This Hospital provides hope in cure to our children, may God protect it and its entire staff” With the help of every supporting hand, be it care providers or donors, 57357 fighters’ determination to defeat cancer is increased. Our … Continued

Kareem and Omar are two brothers whose destinies were joined at the crossroads of illness and treatment in 57357 June 6, 2023

Kareem is receiving bone cancer treatment and Omar is receiving lymphoma cancer treatment. Their mother: at the end of 2017, Kareem complained of pain in his leg. By then he was 7 years old. We took him to many doctors, after x-rays and tests we discovered bone cancer. Doctors advised us to go to Hospital … Continued

Two brain surgeries and 31 radiotherapy sessions, and still Ahmed’s treatment journey has not come to an end June 4, 2023

The father: God blessed us with free and best quality treatment, and all the people of our village are praying for Ahmed and 57357’s children My son Ahmed is what I hold most precious to my heart. Ever since his early years he was a quiet and sensible child, and everyone in Albostan village, Albeheira, … Continued

The joy of the feast reflected in the eyes of 57357’s heroes, Kareem and Omar April 30, 2023

Kareem, 12 years old and Omar, 9years old, from Alsharkeya, are two brothers who are bravely fighting cancer in 57357. They have dreams for the future, as Kareem wishes to become a famous football player, and Omar wishes to become a doctor. Hospital 57357 turned into being their second home, where they play and draw … Continued