Patient Success Stories

Cancer stole Khadija’s childhood, but with bone marrow transplant, she has a second chance to live April 2, 2023

Childhood memories usually bring back times of happiness, fun, and rejoicing , but Khadija can only recall moments of great illness, pain, medication’s bitterness and chemotherapy hardships since her birth. In the isolation room in the bone marrow transplant unit where Khadija was lying down, a sad distressed father stands  beside her waiting for her … Continued

Yazan is a 57357 hero who is bravely fighting cancer after a successful bone marrow transplantation March 29, 2023

Bone marrow transplantation, BMT, is considered hope in recovery for many patients. Yazan, a7 year old boy started his treatment journey at the end of 2019. He was admitted to 57357 and diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer. He started his journey with chemotherapy sessions followed by a surgery to remove the tumor then he continued … Continued

On the road of hope and recovery, Basmala is sending a message to her brothers in 57357 March 27, 2023

God makes choices for your wellbeing, even if it’s not as you desire, don’t give up because God will always direct you to what’s good for you. To each and every hero in 57357, don’t let anything defeat you, keep being hopeful, so that you may continue the journey and defeat cancer. These words were … Continued

Do you remember Asser?

This is a new message from our 57357 hero: My name is Asser, originally from Alexandria, I like playing and acting, 57357granted me recovery, I like 57357, I like doctors, nurses and everything in 57357 Do you remember Asser? The cute talkative child The star of last year’s ad He was admitted to the Hospital … Continued

Our 57357 heroine Amal is bravely fighting cancer and decorating her house for Ramadan March 22, 2023

Our heroine, Amal, a 10 year old girl from Algharbeya is fighting leukemia. She was admitted to the Hospital in October, 2021, and currently she is half way from completing her treatment. “When we were admitted, we met with Dr. Ahmed Emad, her treating consultant, who kindly explained her condition and said that she might … Continued

Farida started her treatment when she was 3 months old, and God granted her healing in 57357 March 13, 2023

Farida is now 4 years old and lives her life normally like all children Farida’s father: my daughter started her treatment in 57357 when she was 3 months.The Hospital was a lifeline for us, without 57357, I don’t know what I could have done. Farida was born early 2019, she took her vaccinations, but we … Continued

Patient Lana’s mom joins her in facing the fear and battling the disease

With encouraging words, Lana’s mother supports her, daily, to face her illness and accept her looks with good spirits. Behind each of our heroes there is a mother who absorbs the shock with courage, bears the burden of seeing her child in pain and faces with him hard times while praying for his healing. Today … Continued

Mahmoud is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer for the second time

He likes Quran reciting and wishes to become a doctor Our hero Mahmoud is 9 years old. He lives in Albehaira Governorate. He got leukemia and was admitted to the Hospital 5 years ago. He completed his treatment and started the follow up phase, but he relapsed in June 2022. Dr. Hesham Monib, his treating … Continued

Rowaida, a 57357’s heroine who is fighting bone cancer, is celebrating her birthday and wishes recovery for the New Year November 29, 2022

I am happy to celebrate my birthday with my mother back home, and my wish for this year is to fully recover, along with all my friends in 57357.

After recovering from brain cancer, Mohamed asks his father to photograph him in Hospital 57357’s recreation center November 27, 2022

Mohamed’s father; thanks to everyone who contributed to my son’s treatment, and to all those who work in 57357 for their sincere efforts to give excellent care to our children.