Patient Success Stories

Abdel Rahman is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer and wishes to become a software engineer April 27, 2022

Our children in 57357 are patients with big dreams who, despite the pain, are fighting bravely to realize them. Our hero Abdel Rahman is a 12-year-old boy from Cairo.

Hassan is a 57357 hero who is fighting cancer for the second time, his wish for Ramadan is to be cured April 2, 2022

Hassan’s mother: if you want to donate your zakat and sadaka, come to 57357, it deserves our support as it provides the best care to our children.

Islam, a 57357 cancer fighter, is dreaming of walking again and wishes to become a pediatrician

Islam: I wish to recover, walk again and become a pediatrician who will treat all children in the Hospital.

Pretty Hend is a 57357 patient who is bravely fighting cancer with a smile, and dreams to become an officer

Hend’s mother: Hospital 57357 is a blessing from God, I was reassured about my daughter because of how well they take care of her.

Ghalya is a 57357 patient who is bravely fighting leukemia and wishing to become a doctor March 28, 2022

Ghalya’s mother: I’d like to say to each and every donor: your donation is not in vain, come to 57357 to see for yourself how our children are recovering, thanks be to God and to 57357’s care.

Salma is a 57357 heroine bravely fighting cancer. For Mother’s day she designed a special card to give to her mom. March 21, 2022

Salama’s mother: I appreciate all the efforts exerted in 57357, for Salma and all the children, and my family and I decided to donate to the Hospital because it deserves our support.

Basmala’s message from 57357 for the New Year: To each and everyone who supported us: thank you from the bottom of our hearts December 29, 2021

Don’t let anything defeat you, stick to the hope inside, continue to fight the cancer, and pray to God to grant us healing.

Layla a 57357 warrior is bravely fighting cancer and getting ready for bone marrow transplantation December 12, 2021

Layla, our hero, is 5 years old. She was admitted to the Hospital in February, 2021 and diagnosed with tumor on the left kidney.

Vivian: I am fighting cancer for the second time, and will defeat it, God willing November 3, 2021

Vivian is one of our heroines in 57357 who is now 15 years old. She comes from Suhag and she is fighting bone cancer for the second time.

Malak’s mother: 57357 is a blessing from God; they saved my Malak’s life October 28, 2021

She was admitted to 57357 in 2015 where she was diagnosed with leukemia. She spent 3 years on a long treatment journey, bravely facing her illness despite her young age.