Patient Success Stories

Nadia, the 6 year old 57357 cancer patient who is fighting bravely while waiting for bone marrow transplantation April 6, 2021

Nadia is a lovely 6 year old girl from Zakazik with wide beautiful eyes and a smiley face.

Mohamed celebrates defeating cancer in 57357 April 4, 2021

In 57357, everyday there is a story of a brave fighter who defeats cancer after a long tough battle.

Essam Algendy, chess champion of Egypt and Africa: My dream is to see my son playing and running as before March 15, 2021

I pledge to donate to the Hospital so long as God blessedly provides me with the means.

Nayera is a 57357, Tanta branch heroine who is fighting bone cancer March 4, 2021

Her gift for her grandmother on mother’s day is a scarf, and the rest of her savings is for her mother.

Mahmoud is fighting brain cancer: He started the follow-up phase and wishes to celebrate his next birthday in 57357 February 24, 2021

“I wish to show up on TV to ask people to donate to 57357, so that my friends would find cure. I wish to become a superman like the one that appears in the Hospital’s ad”

Thanks to your support, Yaseen realized his dream and defeated cancer Yaseen’s mother: I would like to say to everyone, 57357 is the right place to which you direct your donations February 8, 2021

Yaseen is a 4 year old boy from Elmenia governorate, who celebrated the end of his treatment and the start of the follow up phase last week after the good results of his medical tests.

Pretty Zahra defeated cancer: I held on to my dreams persuading myself that going through each chemo session meant achieving a new victory. January 31, 2021

Zahra is actually one of 57357’s flowers, behind her pretty peaceful face there is strong will and determination in overcoming her dreadful disease.

Supported by love and care in 57357, I decided to defeat cancer and be a good example for others January 4, 2021

I wonder is hope a feeling that creeps in our hearts unconsciously! Or it is the result of happenings that lead to make it real and concrete?

Menna pursues her treatment and has many dreams for her future

One year ago she had a different life and big dreams like any girl in her age, but cancer attacked her and changed her life.

Mohamed, a 57357 patient hero who is fighting leukemia and dreaming of becoming a metro driver November 15, 2020

Mohamed’s father: I came to the Hospital before as a donor, now I recognized the value of donation as it saved Mohamed’s life.