Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM)

CLSM is a powerful and crucial instrument to enable effective tumor biology and immunological studies. It allows morphological mapping and imaging of live cells and observing the effect of different conditions and treatments. Moreover, it would enable tracking of specific proteins within the cell itself, thus providing more accurate information on behavior and properties of different structure playing critical roles in development of malignancy and/or resistance to treatment. CLSM is a crucial tool to support studies investigating cellular pathways for the purpose of therapeutic target identification.

ServiceCost (EGP)
Propidium iodide stain300
Acridine orange stain300
Rhodamine B300
Sample imaging (already stained)350
Sample imaging + staining380
Sample 3D imaging500
Sample live imaging (1 hr)700
Dental sample, Live/dead300
Dental sample, penetration300
Dental sample, live/dead and indirect penetration400
Sample multiplex imaging450
Sample super resolution (SR) imaging550
Bench fees/day (for any processing prior to imaging)200
  • Dr. Hisham El-Shoky