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Congratulations to 57357’s heroes Mustafa and Alaa for passing Azhar high school certificate exams with excellence

    57357 is like my home, there I receive my treatment, and I had my exams

Hospital 57357 congratulates Mustafa and Alaa who despite their illness successfully passed Azhar high school certificate exams.

Mustafa Atef is a 17 year old hero from Alqalyoubeya. He passed Azhar high school certificate exams with a score of 81%. He was admitted to 57357 in March 2022 and was diagnosed with lymphoma. Currently, he is waiting for the sixth chemotherapy dose.

“57357 is like my home, there I receive my treatment, and I had my exams”, said Mustafa. “I like them because they simplify everything for me. I like its cleanliness and organization. I wish to join Mass Communication Faculty and realize my dream of working in the media field. I like to thank all the donors and supporters, because of them I am receiving the best treatment and I continue my studies”, he added.

Alaa is another 17-year-old hero who is fighting leukemia. He was admitted to the Hospital in January 2021, and currently, he is in the 55th week of treatment. “I passed exams with a score of 78% and I wish to join a faculty after which I can work as a psychotherapist and help patients as I have been helped by psychotherapists in 57357”, shared Alaa. “The psychological care I received in 57357 helped me overcome my fear of the disease and my refusal to face it. It turned my fear to challenge and determination to heal and become a psychotherapist to instill hope in every sick child’s heart”, he added. Now I am hopeful that I’ll be cured and able to realize my dream of becoming a psychotherapist.

Our gratitude to all our donors, your support for 57357’s heroes throughout their treatment journey grants them hope in a brighter future.