COVID-19 Moved My Cheese?

    If we were to search for a single word to describe what is happening around us right now, we wouldn’t find a better word than change.

Change. If we were to search for a single word to describe what is happening around us right now, we wouldn’t find a better word than change. But we humans don’t deal well with change. We prefer to stick to our old beliefs, to stay in our comfort zones, to deny what is happening around us. COVID-19 has changed everything about us from our market, economy to personally affecting us as humans and even changing our habits. Let me remind you of a little story about change that you may have heard before; A story about mice, little men and cheese……

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived 4 characters in a maze, and their main source of happiness was cheese. Their names were Sniff and Scurry and those were mice; Hem and Haw and those were little people. Every day, all 4 would put on their jogging suits and go out running in the maze looking for cheese until after long days of searching, they eventually found Cheese Station C. It seemed like heaven for them. The cheese stock seemed to last forever. Again every day, Sniff and Scurry, Hem and Haw would go to cheese station C, fill their bellies and go back home. The days went by until one day, Hem and Haw went to Cheese Station C and it was empty. Hem screamed: Who Moved My Cheese? Sniff and Scurry realized what hem and haw missed out which was that the cheese supply was decreasing day after day and they saw this coming. So they were prepared. Sniff and Scurry immediately put on their jogging suits and went out into the maze looking for new cheese. Meanwhile Hem and Haw were still stuck in Station C hoping the cheese would come back. They even made a hole in the wall hoping there was cheese behind it. Their minds couldn’t process that change has happened and that they needed to adapt quickly. Day after day, they went to empty station C hoping the cheese would magically appear and by the end of the day they would go back home with nothing but worries and frustrations and an empty stomach. Haw realized that he needed to do something about his current situation so he decided to put on his jogging suit and go out in the maze while his friend Hem refusing to leave the empty station. Haw started his search tired and low on energy. He found little bits of cheese here and there but nothing worthwhile. At times, he was about to give up and quit, he even went back to Hem hoping he might want to join him, but Hem was still stubborn. After long hours and days of searching, Haw finally found cheese Station N and there he was welcomed by his friends Sniff and Scurry who seemed to have been here for a while. In the end, Haw learned a lot during his search journey. Most importantly he learned that when change happens, we need to be proactive and quickly adapt and respond or else our stubborn minds may leave us with empty bellies just like hem. 

Now How does this story relate to the current reality that the world is facing today?

Dr. Johnson’s story has never been more relevant and powerful than today. When COVID 19 first appeared, it started silently sneaking into our lives and homes, so it was kind of difficult to notice the change happening around us. We watched the news thinking that this was far from us, thinking it wouldn’t reach us. At the time, it was hard to change and find new cheese because it was unnoticeable. But a few months later, the whole world was infected. Now the question is: How did we respond?

This pandemic has separated our businesses into 3 types:

  1. Those who were like Hem and closed their doors until this pandemic was over.
  2. Those who were like Haw and were initially confused and frustrated but later on decided to take action.
  3. Those who were like Sniff and Scurry and expected that this pandemic will eventually reach them and so they were prepared and as soon as change happened, they quickly moved to the “new Cheese”. Those were the businesses who quickly adapted by adding new technologies into their system to reach people in their homes or those who divided their workforce into various shifts

Since the beginning of this pandemic, 57357 has been one of those uniquely proactive organizations. In February 2020, a committee was created to prepare the hospital for the approaching virus and most importantly protect the immunocompromised children.  Precautionary measures were taken to promote social distancing for instance by decreasing the number of individuals in elevators and masks to be worn mandatory at all times as well as sanitary measures to sterilize all the buildings and facilities of the hospital. The hospital was also cautious to provide and maintain a great supply of Medical Supplies before they get consumed and run out in the market. Moreover, 57357 has not only focused on their children however they have been more than loyal and supportive to their employees. Furthermore, this was not the only plan done by the hospital, 57357 is cautious to provide a proactive crisis plan for this pandemic or any other change that may occur in the future. In the next article, we will provide you with all the steps that you can take as a hospital or any other organization to foresee change and deal with it correctly.

Now that we know this story, we have time to reflect. Which one of the 4 characters are we? Are we from amongst the 2 proactive characters that moved with the change or are we from the other 2 reactive characters who reacted to change but after some time? This pandemic is still not over and the changes that occur in our lives didn’t just happen these days. Changes have been happening ever since we were born and now is our chance to change our response. Maybe this pandemic came to teach us a lesson we will never forget…a lesson of a life time….

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