Planning during a Pandemic

COVID-19 Moved My Cheese? June 30, 2020

If we were to search for a single word to describe what is happening around us right now, we wouldn’t find a better word than change.

Dr . Mohamed A. El-Erian

The great talk of Dr.Mohamed A.El-Erian “one of the 10 top global thinkers & economists”

57357 – Strategy Revisit

How 57 strategy overcame and adapted with all crisis through sustainability which is always the key concern for 57 strategy. Bigger OR Better? Learn cycle strategy of 57357 CCHE by Dr. Amr Osman, a strategy consultant for 57357.

Covid-19 Crisis Management in Healthcare Organizations

Crisis Management is no easy task. It takes a lot of work to communicate risk and help prevent it.

Leadership during Covid-19

The five behaviors during crisis through the main three pillars “Vision, Communication and Caring”