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Anesthesia and Pain Management

Latest Technologies

  • The complexities of anesthesiology and the challenges of the perioperative environment have in¬creased specially in our category of critical patients who may present in many times with acute issues and comorbidities, solutions depending on most recent technology improves our quality of care and outcomes.

  • The hospital has recently received five state-of-the-art anesthesia work stations which have been launched in the operating theaters and are already operational. The modern anesthesia machine Zeus ( IE )is the most advanced, comprehensive anesthesia solution that provides seamless integration of ventilation, therapy, monitoring, and information management in a single, elegant solution.

  • The Zeus IE offers a wider range of ventilation capabilities than ever before. As a result, anesthesiologists can confidently accommodate all kinds of patients, neonate through adult. They can even handle hard to ventilate patients.

  • Integrated decision support, intelligent alarms, enhanced monitoring, visualization systems and documentation, are all part of utmost goal to optimize patient safety during every phase of the procedure as well as cost-efficiency by improving perioperative productivity and clinical workflow throughout the patient care process.

  • The evolving technology of Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) which is used to provide precise intraoperative navigation during a variety of neurosurgical and other types of surgical procedures has left Anesthesiologists to face the unique challenges created by this environment during use of this specialized service in complex surgical cases.