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Anesthesia and Pain Management

Nursing Pain Management Team

Overview on pain management in the Hospital

Pain is one of the most common reasons of the suffering of children and families. It negatively affects their daily life. Hence, Hospital 57357 management was keen to set up a special team of consultants, specialists and pain management nurses. They all are highly trained, experienced and qualified to assess, treat and follow up pain of children with cancer at different ages.

  • They are essential members of the pain management team who received training by anesthesia and pain management consultants in Hospital 57357, and they work with high degree of expertise and competence.

  • It is considered the first nursing team at the national level, specialized in assessing and following up pain of children with cancer who suffer from acute or chronic pain, and they work closely with anesthesia and pain management consultants and specialists.

  • The pain management nursing team consists of six of the best nurses in Hospital 57357, who decided to specialize in pain management, to contribute to alleviating the continuous suffering because of cancer or different medications throughout the children’s treatment journey.
  • Mona Diab Taha           Head of pain management nursing department
  • Mariam Magdi Nasif     Senior pain management nursing supervisor
  • Sohaib Maher                Pain Management Supervisor
  • Asmaa Fathi Ali              Senior Pain Management Nursing Supervisor Specialist
  • Mohamed Ibrahim        Pain Management Nursing Specialist
  • Ahmed Fathy                 Pain Management Nursing Specialist

  • The Hospital’s pain management nursing team provides a special service for children with cancer and their families, they are also trained to use most advanced equipment and techniques for acute and chronic pain management.
  • Daily rounds on children with post-surgery acute pain or after exposure to any process that would cause any type of pain, and also on chronic pain patients in the Hospital’s inpatient department, to assess the pain after treatment and following it up throughout hospitalization period
  • Pain management nursing team also helps anesthesia and pain management specialists in the out-patient clinics to assess and follow up on chronic pain patients, providing them and their families health education regarding pain management.
  • The pain management team installs and follows up on multiple technologies such as the patient controlled analgesia pump, catheter for injection above dura mater, analgesia through peripheral nerve block and placing catheter using ultrasound device by anesthesia and pain management consultants. The follow up on the different techniques is carried out through pain management nurses who assess pain and make available the required doses for these devices and techniques.
  • Pain management nursing take over complete responsibility of patients referred to pain management follow up since the start of prescription of pain medication up till it is discontinued.
  • The pain management team performs an effective role in educating and training all the Hospital’s old and new nurses through their participation in the different training courses.
  • The pain management team along with the quality control team participate in the different performance improvement programs and in raising the competence level of Hospital nurses with respect to pain assessment skills.
  • Awareness is provided to patients and families on how to assess pain and how to deal with it using pain management medications whether in the Hospital’s inpatient department or the outpatient clinic.
  • Ensuring the dispensing of medications required for children with cancer who have acute or chronic pain, who need to leave the Hospital while taking pain killers.

At Hospital 5At Hospital 57357, we are committed since the start of operations to apply latest world treatment techniques and protocols. Hence we acquire world latest equipment and we continuously upgrade them to the latest generations to guaranty reaching world cure rates.

  • Patient-controlled analgesia device
  • The patient-controlled analgesia helps controlling pain as it enables the patient to auto administer the analgesic. He uses an electronic pump to inject analgesic in the vein (this is known as self-controlled analgesia through intravenous infusion) or above dura mater (self-controlled dura mater analgesia) which is near the spinal cord (figure 1). Using Patient-controlled analgesia through intravenous infusion or above dura mater depends on the physician’s decision about the most suitable way.