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Blood Donation Center


Towards providing our patients with the most safe, effective and adequate blood and blood products supply, we established 57357’s blood donation center with the vision of disseminating the culture of blood donation in Egypt.

57357’s blood donation center is equipped with the most up to date equipment, adequate infrastructure, and trained manpower for providing safe and adequate blood and blood products to maximize the usage of donated blood and its components.

Hospital 57357’s Blood donation center is responsible for collecting and storing high quality blood through volunteers’ donations in a timely and responsive manner so as to be able to satisfy the rapidly changing and varied needs of our patients and screening for all transfusion transmitted infections.

Whole blood and blood products donated to 57357 can directly affect the treatment of our patients as they are liable to need blood transfusions during the treatment period due to the following reasons:

  • The effect of cancer on the patient’s general health and his exposure to anemia and deficiency of red blood cells.
  • Chemotherapy affects bone marrow capability to produce red blood cells and may lead to cracking of red blood cells and platelets.
  • Blood transfusion during surgery to compensate blood loss.

Did you know?

  • There is no substitute for blood. When a patient receives blood, a generous donor (you) gave it in advance.
  • Your blood donation can save up to three lives as the one blood unit could be processed into three different components (packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets) which are needed regularly to all the patients of 57357.
  • You have about 6:7 liters of blood in your body, when you donate you give only approximately half liter or less and your body can replenish it in a short time.
  • Donating blood refreshes your blood circulation and hence increases your energy levels and may reduce the risk of getting heart diseases.
  • 57357 blood transfusion center helps more than 2000 patient/month and provides them with more than 30000 unit of blood/year and about 70000 units of platelet/year.
  • People in need may not live without it. We rely on the generous support of volunteering blood donors every day.