Emergency Department (ED) Renovation

The Emergency Department is the only place offering specialized emergency care for 57357 patients since the hospital’s inception in 2007 till the present (about 36000. patients ) as part of the hospital’s care and responsibility towards them.

ED journey over the 14 years (2007 – 2023)

  • 2007
  • 2013
  • In 2023, we faced several challenges because of the increasing number of patients requesting the rapid intervention of the Emergency Department: a messy patient flow that delayed the ED services for patients and affected patient care to the degree that we had more than five kids with their mothers in 1 room as seen in the following pictures:
  • Since the hospital's inception in 2007, the ED has seen the number of cases increase 10 times over the years, with a present average of 60-70 patients daily. Despite annexing a small area belonging to the outpatient clinics in 2013 and maximum efforts exerted to improve the department's efficiency over the years, our problems resurface.
  • A messy patient flow, delayed services, overcrowdedness, and difficulty in applying infection control standards are threatening the lives of patients and complicating the work and rescue actions of the caregivers.

To overcome these challenges, there is a pressing need for a renovation of the ED in terms of capacity and design restructure to enable a rapid, smooth, and safe patient flow. As such, we will be better armed to meet the needs of both our patients and our staff, administer care efficiently, and improve our cancer patients' outcomes.

  • The indoor waiting area increased from 26 m2 to 55 m2
  • Our new landscape design will provide an additional outdoor waiting area for ED patients around 125 m2

Assessment Area

It is now taking place in an open room within the waiting area with a curtain for privacy.

In the new design, it will be a closed room separate from the waiting area very close to the ED entrance to avoid any delay in patient transfer and will be expanded from…8…..to…14.5…m2

Resuscitation Room

Is Now located in a small area away from the assessment area

In the New Proposal

  • will also be expanded from 6.8 to 12 m2
  • The new location will close to the assessment room to avoid delays during patient transfer.

Floating Doctor

  • The floating doctor & nurse currently stand in the waiting area with no private room.
  • The new design provides a private room for assessment right next to the hectic waiting area.

Sampling Room

New bigger and well-equipped Sampling room (2 sampling recliners)

Supervision Area

The current Emergency Department was previously served as a regular clinic; all patients are supervised behind closed rooms.


The new design offers a standard open view cubicles for ease and immediate supervision by our medical staff.


Nurse Stations

Currently, our medical staff does not have a direct eye supervision with our kids. All paper work has to be done in a small room that was once used as an office.


The new design offers two Nurse Stations with a broad view to enable staff to supervise & work in parallel.


Isolation Rooms

Currently, we have only 2 single rooms without separate Bathrooms.


The newly designed Isolation Rooms enhance the quality and infection control standards. A strict Air- Lock entrance as well as separate WCs will be introduced.