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Health Informatics

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With the help of world-renowned communication companies, the IT Department pursued from the start to establish the necessary digital infrastructure, which inter- connects all Hospital departments and speeds up communication between healthcare professionals. In November 2009, it applied the most up-to date Health Informatics system HIS by Cerner, this enabled all categories of healthcare professionals to manage efficiently patients’ cases through the speedy and easy access to their timely recorded information. Being an automated hospital and moving steadily towards becoming a paperless one (in 2019) was instrumental in the enhancement and development of research and the improvement of Hospital operations; reducing errors and becoming more cost-efficient.

Hospital 57357 is the first Hospital in the Middle East to apply the latest ERP programs by Oracle for the management of hospital resources and operational services and linking them directly to patient’s needs and to Cerner’s most up to date HIS. This program enables hospital management to limit operational costs and effectively forecast future budgets.

The Hospital is also applying a PACS program for the digital storage and easy retrieval of patients’ X-rays and diagnostic imagery which is integrated to Cerner’s HIS.

After 7 years of application of the Cerner system, the hospital is in possession of a huge clinical data repository to which a business intelligence system has been assigned and a warehouse has been designed to be at the service of researchers and healthcare experts to produce insightful data analysis and correlations.

The department’s strong IT Team is trained on the latest communication systems including teleconferencing and video conferencing enabling expertise exchange with renowned world cancer care and research centers. Recently in collaboration with the learning and development department, the IT team set up an E-learning platform to serve the continuous educational needs of the 57357 community and beyond.

Moreover, new electronic platforms have been added to the family of 57357; like patient portal, queuing and tracking system for every patient, dashboard to get real up to date for top management and last but not least tele-medicine have been utilized during COVID-19.