Home Visit

General Home Visit

The aim of the home visits is to provide the patients with comfort and reduce the time, effort and money of patients/families spent on Hospital visits for the administration of care and follow-up. Moreover, these visits are a source of great psychological and emotional support for the child and his parents.

The general home visits began in April 2009 with four cases, one nurse, one vehicle and one social worker. The number of cases increased, and the number of nurses was increased to two, another vehicle was added in 2010.

The team consists of the supervisor of the department + nursing + social worker + consultant in charge of the situation.

Palliative Care Home Visits

Palliative Care Home Visits is a service of the palliative care unit that was organized in 2016. The goal is to provide nursing, social and psychological support to patients that are unable to visit the hospital or do not need to visit the hospital but need some type of care that can be given in the home. The visit is done by the palliative care team composed of a nurse, a social worker, and a therapist as needed.

During these visits, the team determines who needs care in the home and how frequent the patient will be visited. Details of the provided care are recorded in the patient's hospital chart just as it would be if the patient were in the hospital or visiting a hospital clinic, enabling a comprehensive record of the patient's medical history.

Home visits are organized geographically covering an area from Tanta to Beni Suef. The visits are provided as long and as frequent as the patient needs them. The focus is on comprehensive care that encompasses medical, nursing, social and psychological needs. It is a regular service that keeps the team busy five days a week making 40-100 visits per month.