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In-service Education Unit


The nursing in- service training is providing continuous updated and scientifically- based nursing education programs to CCHE nursing staff in order to familiarize them with the hospital environment, processes and to upgrade their performance. Staff is required to earn Mandatory orientation and courses. The provider unit serves primarily the Children’s Cancer Hospital nursing staff. It is a vehicle by which goals &the multiple articulated means available to achieve. It aim to developing ability for efficient working & the capacity for learning. To improve once competency in life. Our Courses also can be provided for another person related to our topics for example, nurse aid, social worker, secretary, porter, psychologist and technicians.

  • To increase the existing knowledge base of nurses practicing clinical nursing.
  • To improve and maintain high standard of nursing care to patients at Hospital.
  • To improve communication skills among nursing personnel.
  • Acquisition of newer knowledge.
  • Improvement of performance.
  • To develop specific skill required for practice.
  • Orientation.
  • Clinical Training.
  • Several courses such as:
    • CPR course.
    • Preceptor workshop.
    • Critical Care course.
    • Pre & Post-operative workshop.
    • IV Therapy Course.
    • ECG Course.
    • Medication Management Modulo Workshop.
    • Patient and family education workshop.
    • Bone marrow course.
    • Secretary course.
    • Communication Workshop.
  • Patient & Family Education Committee.
  • Nursing Education Committee.
  • Community-nursing awareness.
  • External Training.
  • Critical Care course.
  • IV Therapy Course.
  • ECG Course.
  • Medication Management Modulo Workshop.
  • Bone marrow course.
  • Chemotherapy Daycare Course.
  • Pediatric Hematology Cancer Course.
  • Pediatric Solid Tumor Course.
  • Triage Course.
  • Radiotherapy Course.
  • NM Course.
  • Physiotherapy Program.
  • PR Program.
  • Multispecialty clinic program.
  • Recovery Room Course.
  • Blood Bank Course.


  • Education that is an introduction to institution /department rules, activities, standards, and other information needed by an employee. Several levels are required, general to institution, specific to department, specific to position or patient population. Occurs before an employee is considered fully functional.

  • All new staff must attend CCH orientation program before starting their job. HR department is responsible for coordination and sending all newly hired staff to education department to attend orientation.

  • The newly recruited nurse undergoes an orientation program for a minimum period of 20 days, 5 days induction and 15 days nursing.

  • The newly recruited hospital aid undergoes an orientation program for 10 days, 5 days induction and 5 work day's hospital aid.
  • Provided to staff at their work place.

  • In-service education practice is the collection of skills needed to be developed by nurses.

  • At the ward / unit level, a new candidate will undergo a ward/ unit specific orientation for 4-6 weeks.

  • The clinical instructor nurses are responsible for facilitating the acquisition of all job skills needed for new staff according to work needs in different units and mentoring nurses’ activities such as installing the cannula, chemotherapy administration, suction, physical assessment, etc.

  • Candidate is monitored throughout the first 3 month period regarding behavioral, skill and knowledge aspects of his performance by unit supervisor

  • All newly hired nursing staff will be evaluated after completing 4 weeks of orientation program. and Evaluated after complete 4 weeks unit specific orientation.

  • Performance appraisal is carried out for all the newly recruited nurses after a 3 months period by unit supervisor and a report is forwarded to HR for confirmation of the position.

  • At the ward / unit level, the new nurse aid candidate is undergoing unit specific orientation for 4 weeks and after that, clinical instructors apply evaluation.
  • In service education pursues to integrate all up-dates within the training program of the nursing staff which will seek also to include previous standard procedures and guidelines as a kind of recapitulation or refreshment of previous knowledge.

  • Annual In-service Education planes Offerings are based upon needs assessment.
  • Sessions are carried out once a week includes all that is related to the child and his illness; to make them aware of how to deal with the disease.
  • To provide a forum to identify, discuss and recommend strategies for Nursing education.

  • To develop a strategic direction for Nursing Education based on an assessment of nurses educational needs.

  • To develop annual nursing education goals.

  • To ensure all nursing education is evidence based.

  • To collaborate with nursing educational institutions
  • Ministry of Health Hospitals.

  • Military Hospitals.

  • Internship training.
  • Training program for nursing staff of Ministry of Health hospitals. A minimum period of one month (2 weeks theory and 2 weeks clinical)
  • Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University.

  • Faculty of Nursing, Modern University For Technology & Information.

  • Faculty of Nursing, British University in Egypt.

  • Technical Health Institute, Cairo University.

  • African Nursing Groups visits in coordination with Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University and Alexandria University.