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Medical Care Unit

  • New unit was established for 57357 hospital staff and patients who got infected with COVID-19.

  • Started on May, 23, 2020.

  • Location: 2nd floor, Egyptian Pediatric Association building.

  • Structure: Three zones (MCU, Chest Clinic, Palliative Clinic, Psychiatric, Screen Clinic).
    • Chest Clinic: chest consultants are available to examine suspected contaminated staff. Lab tests, CT chest & PCR investigations are done as required.
    • Intermediate Care Unit: works as a transient unit for suspected cases.
    • MCU: provides required medical care for Inpatient cases, hematology & solid patient, chemotherapy patient mobilization. The capacity of the unit is 26 equipped beds, it is functioning 24/7, and the ratio of patients/nurses is 5:1.

  • In September 2020, As No of COVID cases decreased, the unit was (divided into 8 Beds for COVID Cases and 16 Beds bed as transient supportive care unit The Medical Care Unit and chemotherapy patient section working hours are 24/7, and the ration of patients/nurses is 5/1.

  • As primary care givers for the patient and family, 57357-MCU nursing care team possesses the knowledge and the ability to perform all duties required of a nurse and beyond to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible. Nurses are compassionate, empathetic, and respectful of the patients, and their family members, dealing with patients of many different ethnicities, religions, and social backgrounds and communicating honestly to convey any relevant medical information.