Nursing Care in the In-patient Section

  • Patients who need to be hospitalized to receive special, extended, and continuous care over a specific duration based on their diagnosis and the stage of treatment are admitted to the inpatient section of the Hospital. This section is mainly located in the three circular towers of the Hospital building and extension area. The circular design enables the nurse in charge to be more in control, delivering care more rapidly and efficiently as the rooms are clustered around the nursing station instead of being aligned across long corridors. Moreover, the interior design of the towers facilitates family-centered care as one parent of the child/ patient of this section is required to live with him during his hospitalization period.
  • Patients admitted to the inpatient section will require different aspects of care and expertise: chemotherapy administration, diagnosis of potential malignancy, supportive treatment, pre and post-operative care, palliative care, and treatment of complications including febrile neutropenia, convulsion, septicemia, hemorrhage, and pneumonia. Supportive services in this section include central and peripheral intravenous line management, pain management, conscious sedation, nutritional support, social support, and psychological support.
  • Nursing care in the in-patient section extends to 210 beds distributed (60 beds extension area and 150 beds) across the third, fourth, and fifth floors and the in-patient towers. The in-patient section working hours are 24/7, and the ratio of patients/nurses is 3/1.
  • As primary caregivers for the patient and family, the 57357 inpatient nursing care team possesses the knowledge and the ability to perform all duties required of a nurse and beyond to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible. Nurses are compassionate, empathetic, and respectful of the patients and their family members, dealing with patients of many different ethnicities, religions, and social backgrounds and communicating honestly to convey relevant medical information.