Nursing Care in the Outpatient Section

  • Nursing care in the outpatient section covers the areas of the outpatient clinics, screening clinics, triage, day care units, Multi-specialty Clinics, Home visit care, Palliative care, radiotherapy, radiology, nuclear medicine, blood bank unit, and procedure room.

  • The Outpatient clinic nursing care is carried out by a primary nurse who will firstly observe the patient and is responsible to assess his condition and accordingly either admit him to the clinic or transfer him to triage department if he is in a critical condition. The primary nurse is found in the clinics of the ground, first and third floors and also in the radiology and radiotherapy departments. The primary nurse is working five days a week. The outpatient clinics are receiving presently an average of 500 patients daily.

  • Patients who need an urgent aspect of care, emergency medication and are facing an emergency condition are directed to the triage unit as per the triage assessment. There, the triage nurse has the ability to manage emergency situations. The triage unit includes 7 single rooms for admitted patients who will transit in the triage until transferred to the in-patient section and receive the specific in-patient care by the triage nurse.

  • The nurse in Day care is providing patient assessment and administering different treatments such as chemotherapy, hydration, long-term antibiotic therapy, blood products, and minor procedures. This unit is operating three shifts a day and 7 days a week and receives 160 to 200 patients daily. Patients needing intrathecal administration and bone marrow aspiration are admitted in the procedure space, which consists of two rooms for minor procedure and recovery. The unit is operating 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

  • The home visit nurse will provide care for the patient in his home including short - term antibiotic therapy and palliative care.

  • As primary care givers for the patient and family, 57357’s outpatient nursing care team possesses the knowledge and the abilities to perform all duties required of a nurse, optimizing patient satisfaction and providing high quality nursing care.