Nursing Research Unit


Nursing Research unit drives to develop, promote and disseminate a nursing research culture that uses evidence based nursing practices to achieve excellence in quality of nursing care through putting knowledge into action to improve patient outcomes by creates a direct link between science, education, quality and practice to develop the nursing profession.


  • Building a research culture, through identifying the nursing research priorities to become a resource for updated information in pediatric oncology nursing practices.
  • Combining oncology pediatric nursing research studies, evidence based practices and their clinical body of knowledge.
  • Supporting clinical nurse to move research from an idea to a proposal, to pursue publishing and translating nursing research (research finding utilization) into practice.
  • Be effective and innovative in implementing evidence-based practice in clinical setting.
  • Improving clinical practice, facilitating change, disseminating of nursing research culture and utilize evidence -based practice for guide and promote excellence in nursing care practice for pediatric oncology patients.

Scope of Services

  • Participating in structured educational and learning activities (orientation, Nursing Continuous Professional Development, Learning & Development).

    1. Collaborating with the nursing education department to provide an in-service educational program for nurses.
    2. Collaborating in Nursing Practices Guidelines (evidence- based, updated, research utilization).

  • Facilitating nursing research capacity (awareness, journal club, .… etc).

    1. Setting research priorities allowing nurses to explore important topics in an area of their work, that enables a direct link between nursing research and the development of healthcare practice awareness.
    2. Developing a research culture and producing research outputs is developing the capacity of the nurses who need to conduct the research.
    3. Planning, coordinating and participating in scientific nursing research course and scientific thesis writing guidelines workshop.
    4. The research capacity building can be initiated by the nurses becoming informed and keen consumers of research.

  • Proposals and conducting research studies (nursing academic studies, surveys, assessment / intervention studies)

    1. Mentoring the clinical nurses throughout their research plans.
    2. Facilitating, coordinating and participating in the nursing research studies and papers.
    3. Reviewing of all nursing research proposals will be conducted at CCHE, and providing mentoring for the conduct and utilization of the research at CCHE.

  • Facilitating and coordinating for nurses that sharing in the Study team meeting.
  • Facilitating, coordinating and participating in the Dissemination day.
  • Participating in the scientific medical advisory committee (SMAC).